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Online teaching has become a necessity, but is Online assessment happening?


Prasanth Parameswaran


August 3, 2020
Online Teaching & Online Assessment

Online is where the world is right now, and online is where the future lies. Everything has taken the online route- from buying groceries to non-essential shopping; from working online to even online teaching. The Coronavirus pandemic taught us how to do things online. And it made us realize that things done online were efficient, secure and time-saving.

Moving online- A Paradigm Shift

Online teaching has been the torchbearer of the universal online shift. It has brought revolutionary changes in the way teachers teach, the way students learn and overall studying experience. Before Coronavirus, digital learning had just begun to become a part of classroom teaching. And now, online learning has come to the forefront of education. The Coronavirus outbreak has also forced humans to brainstorm and develop better software to assist in online learning. All in all, online teaching is here to stay and is being advanced as we speak.

Adopting online teaching methods

Schools and Universities are adopting online teaching tools which help them to teach remotely. In circumstances like these, remote teaching is the only option to make sure that education does not stop and goes on, without any break. To aid this, online teaching tools like online classes and online assessment are essential.

The first development with online teaching was to conduct online live classes. The best apps for conducting online classes have been Zoom and Google Classrooms. Most teachers use Zoom for their online classes. The primary reason for this is the fact that Zoom is majorly free and allows almost 100 people to join one session. Another platform that aids in online live classes is Google Meet.

When you learn how to use Google meet for online classes, you will come to know that it has a relatively simple user interface. It is one of the best ways to conduct online classes seamlessly. If you’re wondering how to use Google meet for online classes, all you need to do is have a Google account. Using it, you can set up a virtual classroom and set up a meeting (class) at your convenience.

Moving to online classes has been a step in the right direction. However, online classes alone cannot result in successful online teaching or learning for that matter. And the shift to live classes has been so hard on teachers that they are not getting time to focus on other aspects of teaching. This time has been stressful for teachers- they have had to learn new technologies, new software, learn how to operate various devices within a few days. Teachers have been so engrossed in setting up cameras for live classes, recording video lectures, and making sure that the teaching pace is right for everyone. 

Due to this, they are not able to keep-up with tasks like giving notes, marking attendance, and most importantly- making tests and exams to assess students. Without proper assessment, wholesome learning is not possible. Tests give a sort of feedback to teachers with respect to how much has the student understood. In a nutshell, online teaching is incomplete if there are no tests or exams.

And this is where the wonderful technology comes to play!

Online tests can help teachers assess students, without much hassle. MegaExams lets teachers make a test in under 5 minutes- so you can dedicate the majority of your time teaching online. And when it comes to notes, platforms like MegaExams have made the entire process easy. It allows teachers to conduct online exams in addition to sharing notes to students quickly.

Combining Online Assessment with Online Teaching

Most teachers would have a question at this point- how to do online assessment? Well, it has a straightforward answer- conduct online exams. There are many more benefits of opting for online classes and online teaching as a whole. However, online tests are cherry on the cake.

Online assessment ideally consists of questionnaires and ability tests- all of which is done online. In online teaching, an online test series evaluates a student’s knowledge, abilities and identifies their strengths and weaknesses. Online assessments are user friendly, and students attempt the online test on a medium which they are comfortable with. The best thing about online assessment is that it is mostly multiple-choice, making it an essential tool of evaluation. 

MegaExams has come up with an added feature which lets you conduct online classes on its platform as well! You can choose from variants like Zoom, Google Classrooms, Jio Meet and many others. With MegaExams hosting online classes and conducting online exams as well, it gives teachers a dual advantage and saves a HUGE chunk of time. 

Online assessment and teaching platforms

MegaExams has been a groundbreaker when it comes to online assessment. It is an online exam software which has an unlimited cache of readymade question papers. MegaExams is committed to helping teachers and students. And in unprecedented times like these, MegaExams has strengthened their resolve to provide unmatched online exams. They have made their online assessment tool free of cost, making it accessible to all. 

In addition to this, the software allows students to take unlimited mock tests on various topics, at no cost. It is primarily a boon for teachers who can quickly choose a test from a pool of question papers or customize a test for their students. Moreover, MegaExams gives you a quick analysis of the student’s test performance– giving you insight into how they fared and what can be improved. 

Teachers who have started to use online exam platforms like MegaExams have immediately fallen in love with online exams. The fact that online exams are so easy to make and so easy to grade is addictive! 

Hence, it is clear that in the time to come, online exams will stay in place even after we move back to classroom teaching in the post-COVID world. With the New Education Policy giving a big push to online teaching, online exams will become a norm and help teachers save time.

Thousands of teachers from across the country have made the most of MegaExams. Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is free for teachers. You can also sign up for free to get access to your personalized exam platform by MegaExams with additional features to manage online classes. It is quick, easy and free! Update your online teaching methods with MegaExams’ online exam software, and you’ll never look back to conventional testing.