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MegaExams is the best cloud based examination management platform.
We handle millions of exams for organisations across the globe.

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Leading educational institutions use MegaExams to accept registrations, generate question papers, conduct examinations, evaluate answers and publish results.

A combination of our prorietary technology & human assistance ensures a seamless experience for you, from start to end.


MegaExams helps you select topics and create papers, so you'll never waste time creating one.

Identify Patterns

Instantly identify any patterns in the performance of students using our intelligent system.


No more hunting for results of students. Parents are updated about their child's performance on the go.


Alert students of common mistakes and speed up learning curve, using our analytics.

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Built for everyone in the learning ecosystem

MegaExams helps you easily find and act on what's important, and get rid of what's not!

Smart Filters Organize your students to bring meaningful and comparative insights across your organisation. Want to see only your poor performing students? How about only students that scored over 80% in the last term? That's no problem at all! With MegaExams new segmentation, you can create and save groupings of all your students in seconds.

Smart Exams The best way to prepare for an exam is to work on weaknesses. Build customised question papers for students based on their strengths and weaknesses with our automated intelligence system. Want 100 different question papers for 100 students based on their individual historical performance? Want to generate multiple versions of papers with the same set of questions? Not a problem!

Prevent Exam Failure Prevent your students from losing confidence. While it is easy to track the performance of top students, it gets difficult tackling the lower and middle segments. Our insights tools will help you monitor every single student that's in your institute, so you can take corrective action before it's too late.

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Take exams, get score cards, view answers and solutions, compete with peers, identify weak sections and more.

Succeed Safely No more wild guessing about what section you should focus on to improve your score. As they say, you can improve only what you measure. MegaExams does all the heavy lifting for you by tracking every metric related to your exam. Our analytics will help you stay on top of your weaknesses. Stop guessing and start knowing!

Comparitive Ranking Have a dream college that you want to get into? Not sure if you will clear the cut off? We'll make sure to keep you updated on exactly how you're performing so that you can stay up to date on progress when compared to the thousands of other test takers.

Be the best you can be Quickly understand exactly how you're performing. Are you outranking other students in your group? Is there scope for you to improve? Our explanations spell it out so it's clear what the data means.

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MegaExams forecasting is your magical crystal ball that helps you predict and plan for the upcoming examination.

Seamless Communication Stay informed from anywhere at anytime. If you're on the move but don't want to miss out on what’s happening with your child's academics we've got you covered. All our reports are mobile friendly so you can access them from anywhere.

Track Key Performance Indicators MegaExams allows you to perform simple checks to see how different groups of students are growing. Choose between any of your custom segments, and get instant historical comparisons.

Comprehensive Development See where your students are falling behind and what exactly are their weakness. We've also made it easy to track every student and their performance across papers.

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This is what our customers say

MegaExams saves us hundreds of hours every year by simplifying the examination process. MegaExams was up and running at our institution within a couple of days. It's clear that the team has thought about the entire experience, from setup to finish.
- Thomas John, Fortune Academy

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