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200+ partner institutions and 1000+ teachers in India and around the world save their time and money using MegaExams to automate and optimize their exams.


Exams that test your students, not you

Create effective and customized exams easily

Get your students the practice and preparation they need through our question bank, or add your own questions and sections using our completely customizable exam-creation wizard.

Create Effective and Customized Exams Easily for Students

Monitor student performance effortlessly

Get test results and evaluation instantly and directly in one place, making it easier for you to track class results and performance, identify optimal focus areas, and ensure better performance and learning.

Excellent Online Exam Software for Students

Analyze individual students comprehensively

Deep dive into each student’s performance - our easy-to-use interface provides customized feedback so you can get insights into which topics they should focus on and what they can do to score better and get ready.

Effective Online Examination Software to Analyze Individual Students

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10,00,000+ questions sourced from top resources to help you create papers in a giffy

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