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Why Subjective Type Exams Are Important, and How to Conduct Them Online?


Mit Kotecha


November 3, 2020
Importance of Subjective Type Exams and Know How to Conduct Them Online

There was a time when pen and paper tests were the conventional method to conduct an exam. This was convenient for the teachers to invigilate as well as check. However, such exams are only possible when physical classrooms are available for use. This year the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic globally has frayed this system. New alternatives are being sought after.

In today’s world, education has shifted to the digital environment using the internet. There is a need for carrying out online classes as well as online exams in this regard. With the rise of the online classes, there has also been a rise in the number of online exam portals.


Only a handful of major large-scale exams comprise multiple-choice type(MCQ) questions. The entrance exams in fields such as Civil Services(UPSC Prelims), Engineering(JEE Mains/Advanced) and Medical(NEET) are MCQ in nature. While UPSC Mains, among others, continue to remain a subjective examination. State board exams and CICSE exams continue to remain subjective as well. Last year CBSE announced that a part of class 10 and class 12 board exams will comprise MCQ based questions. However, this is only for a part of the total marks. The remaining is a subjective test only. The marks weightage for this exam varies depending on the subject and class.

Most exams conducted at the school and college levels are subjective. The subjective questions can include codes, essays, algorithms, charts and figures, among others. There are various online websites for conducting online classes. Few of the popular ones include Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, among others. These platforms are accessible and easy to use. Most of the students with a basic internet connection can access these platforms. However, for conducting online exams and especially subjective & MCQ exams combined, there are a very few online exam software available.

Using an online exam software such as MegaExams enables a teacher to conduct exams of any format and evaluate students’ performance in no time. These platforms offer an easy to use and interactive setting for both teachers and students.

There are various online exam websites teachers can use to conduct exams with MCQ type questions. Evaluating MCQ exams with the help of technology can be done instantaneously with minimal effort. The tabulation of results is easy as well. On the other hand, Subjective exams have several benefits over the MCQ type exams. They allow students to express their learnings better. They also allow teachers to gauge the conceptual clarity of a student. However, with the popularity of MCQ type format, technology to support Subjective exams are very rarely available to teachers. There are only a few platforms which help teachers conduct subjective exams along with MCQ based exams to reap the benefits of both the worlds.

Google Forms is one of the most popular software used to conduct such MCQ based and subjective based online exams. Yet, there is no security nor is there any way to track the student’s progress using Google Forms. You can only record the answers to the question you had set using this platform. Using an online exam software removes this headache of conducting an online exam. It also allows teachers to set different types of questions e.g. True/False, Matrix Match, Subjective, Multiple MCQ, etc. These questions may also include charts, diagrams, figures, essays, mathematical solutions, codes, tables, etc.

Why are Subjective Exams Important?

Subjective exams are necessary for exams at the school and college levels. For example, semester exams in colleges comprise subjective questions. Many school exams including the terminal exams also comprise subjective questions.

This year, due to the lack of physical classrooms, many institutes have postponed their semester exams. Few institutes have promoted the students without evaluating them based on internal tests. Other institutes are still confused about the exam process.

These institutes do not want to shift to MCQ tests for testing their students. It is so because MCQ tests are not enough. You need subjective tests to judge the holistic progress of a student. You can also judge a student’s analytical clarity using such tests.

You can use an online exam portal such as MegaExams to carry out subjective exams with ease. Subjective tests allow the student to express better. And it also allows the teacher to gauge the conceptual clarity of a student. Subjective exams are important due to these reasons itself.

How to Conduct Online Subjective Exams?

There are only a few options to conduct an online subjective exam. Unlike MCQ type tests, subjective exams need more time for evaluation and often need a secure window for the duration of the exam. There are two ways in which students can answer such subjective questions. Either the student can choose to type in their answers using the keyboard or they can write it on a paper and scan it using the platform. MegaExams allows this flexibility to the students and teachers alike.

You can create your own set of questions or use a pre-defined question bank using MegaExams. This eases the process of conducting online exams using an online exam software. The students can also practise using sample questions if needed. Anyone can use these platforms even without any knowledge of technology.

After the students have taken the exam, teachers will get the answers on the platform. Teachers can then check the answer scripts on the platform itself. This simplifies the exam process quite a lot. It also makes the exam process smooth and convenient for the teacher as well as for the students. Using an online exam software makes this exam process mobile and hassle-free. It is easier than checking the conventional pen and paper exams.

The teacher can check and send in the answers and the marks to the students from the platform itself. They also receive a progress report for all the students appearing for the exam. This helps the teacher in keeping a track of their student’s performance. It also helps them understand the student’s strong and weak areas.


An online exam software is the best way to carry out online exams. MegaExams is one such online exam portal. This platform provides teachers with an easy-to-use platform to conduct online exams. You can choose from a wide range of question types. You can also mix MCQ type questions with subjective questions. You can use the question bank available online to set practice tests. Anyone even without any idea of online applications can still use MegaExams. MegaExams allows for fast evaluation. It also provides individual progress reports for all the students taking the exam. Subjective exams remain integral to the online exam process even today.