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Using videos for learning and exam preparation


Prasanth Parameswaran


September 2, 2019
video based learning can lead to better outcomes and help teachers engage students better

All students have diverse learning styles and are able to better absorb information when it is presented in a manner they prefer. Technology is constantly transforming how knowledge is passed on from teachers to students. It has flipped the classroom model from a single teacher directing lectures and creating teaching plans, to a system where learners can access knowledge and content and explore it more deeply in the classroom, all at their own pace.  Videos are among the most important aspects of technology-assisted teaching that allows educators to include elements that help promote student engagement.

In a digital learning ecosystem, videos provide more than just an additional channel of instruction. They can transform how students learn and create a richer experience for learners as well as teachers. Through videos, teachers can adopt a more conversational style in their instruction to engage students better and be more approachable. 

If leveraged in the right manner, video-based learning can deliver the following benefits to students and help them prepare for examinations better: 

Conceptual clarity – When using video for teaching, the content covered through it need not be images only, but can also include diagrams, flowcharts, and detailed illustrations. This can be especially useful in teaching complex subjects with concepts that are critical to mastering their practical application. Preparing for a subject like Anatomy, for instance, can be a nightmare for students relying on lectures and textbooks alone. MegaExams helped Dr. Ashwani Kumar, a leading Anatomy professor, build a mobile teaching app and conduct engaging virtual lectures. At the same time, students subscribing to the app were able to access an extensive collection of videos covering all topics under anatomy and strengthen their concepts by revisiting difficult topics through Dr. Ashwani Kumar’s detailed lectures. 

Visual evidence – There are visual learners who understand and retain information better when concepts or topics are accompanied by images and videos. Videos can be the ideal channel to provide learners visual support during lectures to understand difficult subjects better, especially when they are preparing for high-stakes competitive exams. Further, depending on the nature of the subject and its general difficulty level, teachers can experiment with how they want to present videos to students and what aids work best with specific topics or subjects. 

Self-paced learning – Delivering videos becomes much easier when it is part of a larger digital learning ecosystem. Large classrooms in coaching centres, for example, have several students being taught at the same time, making it difficult for teachers to give special attention to individual students. However, today most students own a smartphone. And videos can be distributed easily and in no time to learners’ devices, which not only gives them an “anytime-anywhere” access to educational content, but also lets them learn at their own pace. This is because, with video, students get to control the pace of lessons or the transition from one topic to another. They can easily go back in the lesson to sections they are weak in order or want greater clarity and review them for a more satisfactory learning experience and better scores in examinations. 

Videos and visual presentation of lectures can be a powerful teaching tool for teachers and can be used to create customised learning experiences by combining them with other digital teaching technologies. MegaExams is helping coaching institutes and teachers build digitised teaching ecosystems that simplify traditionally time-consuming and cost-intensive tasks to focus more on teaching and helping students perform better. We are committed to providing powerful features and functionality designed to make teaching and examinations effortless while providing teachers the support and information they need to empower themselves to teach smarter and educate their students better.