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Types of Questions That Can be Created on MegaExams Platform


By Mit Kotecha


January 25, 2021

Using online exam software is a vital part of the online exam process. Such online test softwares are becoming quite popular in today’s world. It is so because of their automatic nature and ease of use. You can access such online test software from the comfort of your home. And, so can the students.

You can create various types of questions when using online exam software. But, it also depends on what your online exam software supports. When using MegaExams to conduct your online tests, you can even ask subjective questions to gauge your student’s progress, in addition to MCQ based questions.

Here are a few types of questions that you can ask your students when using an online exam portal like MegaExams:

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

MegaExams is an online test software that you can use to ask MCQ based tests. MegaExams has a built-in multiple-choice quiz maker available. You can use MCQ tests to assess students’ understanding of any particular concept. It is ideal for a test on factual or application-based topics. For example, exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, CAT, etc. prefer taking MCQ based exams as these exams are focused on evaluating the conceptual clarity of the topic and the ability to apply concepts by the student.

Even the results for the MCQ based exams can be published in no time with the help of online exam software.

Among MCQ based questions, teachers can administer Reading Comprehension type questions as well in the exam, in the same format as asked in GMAT, CAT, UPSC, etc.

Fill In The Blanks

You can ask ‘fill in the blanks-type’ questions using online test software like MegaExams. Although MCQ tests suffice to test the factual concepts in a subject, it fails to get you accurate results on your student’s performance. There is a possibility that the student has made correct choices on an MCQ test using mere guesswork. To get rid of this issue, you can ask ‘fill in the blanks-type’ questions.

These types of questions help you understand the student’s factual clarity over technical concepts. And, you can also test if they are thorough with the prescribed textual readings in the syllabus for the exam. You can use such questions to test the memory of the students as well.

True or False Questions

You can use MegaExams to ask your students true and false type questions. This will help you understand their logical grasp of any topic. When you ask true and false type questions you can publish the exam results immediately. And, you will also receive a report of the student’s performance.

These are also one of the trickier sections for rote learners. Thus serves as a weapon for teachers to use to test logical clarity as well.

Match the following

You can use an online exam software such as MegaExams to conduct a test with a variety of ‘match the following’-type questions. This helps you gauge the student’s conceptual clarity over a range of empirical concepts at once. It is a type of question where two columns are given. Both contain matching options but are arranged in a jumbled up way. The students have to match the correct options from both the columns and type out the answer. Using Mega Exams, the results of these questions can also be found out easily in almost no time.

Long Essay Type Questions or Subjective Questions

In these types of questions, the student is asked to answer a question generated by the quiz maker, in a descriptive manner. You can also ask them to either explain a particular topic or give an analysis of the same. These types of questions can be used to test a student’s concept or overall understanding of any subject or topic.

You can test their understanding of large chapters or important sub-topics as well. Not all online exam softwares support such questions. And, MegaExams ensures you the fastest result checking process of them all.

Short Answer Type Questions

When you want to test a student’s grasp over an idea, a short answer type question is key. You can figure out how deeply a student has understood any concept using such questions. You can ask them for shortcodes, diagrams, charts, or to use tables. This creates a more interactive exam process which is key to improving their performance.

The students can either just type out the answers or write the answer on a piece of white paper and scan it using the platform. You will immediately get their response and can evaluate it at your convenience.

To Conclude

When you use an online exam software such as MegaExams, your students have two ways in which they can answer the questions. They can either type out the answers on the platform directly from their keyboards. Or, they can choose to write them down on a piece of white paper and scan it on the online exam portal itself. This makes MegaExams incredibly accessible for every student.

As a teacher, you can also ask a mixed bag of questions for any exam. And you can also use our expansive study and question bank to speed up your entire exam process. You can also ask a wide range of questions on an online exam portal like MegaExams.