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Using MegaExams

Track student performance with increased testing frequency


Prasanth Parameswaran


September 6, 2019
megaexams offers a digital testing and evaluation platform to enable teachers to track and improve student performance

The objective of teaching is to improve a student’s understanding of some important subject, but this simple goal becomes challenging when you account for the various tasks teachers have to undertake to achieve it. Science has shown that one of the most effective methods to promote long-term learning is through increased testing. However, the time constraints of dealing with multiple students, writing out questions for an exam, conducting it, and then evaluating multiple question papers often leaves teachers setting fewer tests than they should.

Tests are a great assessment tool, helping teachers identify student weaknesses and intervene appropriately in their learning path. Even the actual process of taking a test can help learn and retain new information, driving students towards applying theoretical knowledge to solve problems strategically. The more often they solve questions, the faster and better they learn. But for most teachers, crafting a high volume of tests isn’t feasible logistically due to the time and effort it involves to make and evaluate a single test for a large class. Even the costs in terms of paper and other resources can be quite taxing. 

Better, more cost-efficient preparation and testing

Multiple-choice questions are designed to be easier to evaluate and score. Digital exams take this design objective to the next level, automating the entire evaluation process. Further, they give students the experience and confidence they need to deal with today’s challenging computerised entrance examinations such as NEET UG and NEET PG, IIT JEE, BITSAT, CAT, and so forth. 

Digital exam evaluation creates a tangible digital performance record for each student, which makes it easier for teachers to track student performance over multiple examinations. Teachers can thus have a better idea at both the individual and class-level about their students’ state of preparation. 

Digital exams also substantially save the time and effort of a teacher. It automates the most time-consuming aspect of an exam – evaluation. This makes the process more efficient, not only in terms of their involvement, but also saves the costs of printing and conducting an exam. Teachers and institutions are thus enabled and empowered to test more effectively and more often.

Other functionalities – the MegaExams advantage

The other most time-consuming aspect of an examination is finding questions. MegaExams’ proprietary and top-quality question bank makes exam creation easy, using 500K+ questions organised by topic and difficulty and is aimed at preparing students for the most popular competitive exams in India.

Online exam software is not only capable of automating the test creation and evaluation process, but also offer teachers detailed insights on a student’s performance. Beyond identification of the problem, MegaExams also provides a solution – it can be customised by the teacher to address the specific needs of a student, targeting their weaknesses and measuring their performance over time at an individual level.

MegaExams also digs deeper than just right and wrong answers. The dashboard provides real-time scoring and analysis and also tracks the time taken to solve particular questions and question-types. It also has the option of providing information from national toppers as a benchmark, letting teachers know where their students stand at an all-India level.

With the help of the insights provided by the platform, teachers can then build customised teaching plans and adopt the right method of instruction to help students improve their understanding of topics and concepts they are weak in. By leveraging technology, MegaExams is empowering teachers and coaching institutions while also making their lives easier. Read more to understand how online exam software can help teachers.