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Top non-teaching activities replaced with online tools


Prasanth Parameswaran


July 2, 2020
Tools to replace non-teaching activities

Teaching remains one of the most reputed and sought-after professions even today. People look up to teachers as mentors and guides in life. The role teachers play in our enlightenment and education cannot be replaced by anything else. However, with time, teachers’ duties and responsibilities have extended outside the realm of good old teaching and education. Non-teaching activities eat into teachers’ primary time, making them focus less on actual teaching.

It sure is a new term- If you’re lost and are wondering what are non-teaching activities, read on.

What are non-teaching activities?

From taking attendance to managing the extracurricular events, right from the administrative work for organizing exams to interacting with parents and students- all of it encompasses the non-teaching duties of teachers. Teachers and educators are not obliged to engage in such activities. This brings us to question- why do teachers do non-teaching activities? The answer to it can be quite simple- education institutions and schools often ask teachers to fulfill the administrative duties. This can also include the implementation of school policies and rules. 

Teachers have to come in and take daily attendance, sometimes attendance for each lecture, collate all of them, and even calculate averages. They are also required to arrange special events, work with students, and designate periods for them. Grading papers and collating its results for averages, toppers, lowest performers, and the likes can get extremely tiresome.

Teachers in Government schools have it worse. In addition to teaching in schools, Government schools require teachers to participate in election duties, implement mid-day meal schemes, and conduct polio campaigns.

Teaching time reduced to 19.1%

A report released by the National University of Education Planning and Administration (NUEPA) in 2018 reported that teachers were spending only 19.1% of their time in actual teaching. The rest of their time was taken up by non-teaching activities that they had to indulge in. This is resulting in a significant cut in teachers’ core work, which is teaching young pupils. Naturally, this also affects the quality of education delivered by these teachers.

Artificial Intelligence has done a laudable job in shifting the administrative workload from teachers. The latest online tools can reduce the load of non-teaching activities by more than half. We list out a few.

Digital attendances

Marking student attendance for each class can be an expansive task. To help ease teachers off this non-teaching chore, platforms like Fedena have come up. Fedena is, in fact, a school management software which will not only lessen teachers’ workload but will also help digitize the entire school management system. Right from creating and managing timetables to digitizing attendance, grading, and events- all scheduling and managing will be done by the app.

Students can register their attendance via biometric systems. This way, teachers will no longer be tied up with physically marking attendance registers or spending hours in the month-end collating the data.

The app also performs other ancillary chores like fees management, sharing student remarks and updates to parents.

Online exams and grading systems

The regular exam was where teachers shortlisted questions, physically made a paper, made at least 200 copies of it, and gave it to students. Not to mention, correcting and marking all these papers can be overwhelming. Conducting exams makes a huge chunk of teachers’ daily non-teaching activities.

Platforms like MegaExams have been designed to help teachers conduct exams smoothly and effortlessly. MegaExams lets teachers auto-create exams and schedule them whenever they want it for. Teachers have the option to create custom exams with their choice of questions and topics. If in a hurry, they can quickly choose a pre-loaded question paper and schedule it.

Online exams let you do so many things! For instance, MegaExams facilitates you to remove the use of pen-and-paper and go eco-friendly. The exams happen online, the grading and marking occur online, and the results are also released online. All of this in a fraction of seconds, with no manual intervention.

Furthermore, MegaExams’ software gives a detailed analysis of the answers recorded by the students and informs teachers about the weaknesses and strengths of a student.

AI tools to correct subjective answer sheets

Another problem for teachers is endless answer sheets. Each student uses at least 3-4 answer sheets. Reading all of them in a limited time frame is humanly impossible.

Currently, products like Google forms are helping teachers in administrating these types of exams, but apart from exam conduction all other activities are entirely manual (correcting, updating and collating scores, analyzing results, etc.). There are a few other platforms which are trying to solve this problem, but an effective and efficient solution is yet to be built using the power of AI and ML.

Online event management

Schools, especially, have a lot of events and extracurricular activities. Organizing these events makes for primary non-instructional duties for teachers. They have to cut into their teaching time to devote to these events.

Apps like Hubilo make for complete event management software and do all the work right from registration of students, networking, marketing, and even holding virtual events.

Reducing the load of non-teaching activities on teachers is the only way to ensure that their undivided attention is devoted to teaching. AI-powered online tools are making way for effortless teaching and student management. MegaExams offers a wide range of benefits to teachers with online exams, making teaching easy and comprehensive.