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Top 5 free online test maker software for students and teachers


Prasanth Parameswaran


June 14, 2020
Top online test maker software

Technological advancement has enabled humans to take the next step in different facets of life. The same technological progress has taken the education sector by a storm. Computer-based tests or simply, conducting online exams have become teachers’ new favourite tool. The benefits of conducting an online exam for students are countless. The online assessment is quick, easy, efficient, and hassle-free. Very few free online test makers, like MegaExams, have a vast question bank for teachers to choose from with questions of various difficulty levels.

Immediate result processing is perhaps the best feature of online examinations. Teachers no longer need to scour through endless sheets of paper to assess their students. A quick click on your choice of online exam software and your work is done. This highlights the fact that there are many online test software available on the internet however, a lot of them charge exorbitant fees to hold an exam online for no additional or exclusive feature. On the contrary, some of the best online exam software let teachers conduct online exams for FREE. If you are a teacher/educator looking at how to conduct a free online exam, read on to find the top 5 free online test maker software.


TestPress pegs itself as a premium product in the category of online exams. There is something for both teachers and students with this platform. Students get e-notes as an added feature which lets them navigate through PDF notes in a hassle-free manner. TestPress has several question formats that allow teachers to choose from Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), questions having multiple answers, and even subjective questions. TestPress’ online examination portal offers a 14-day free period for teachers to get a taste of the software. After 14 days of free usage, TestPress asks for an upgrade which is a paid service. Though they have the technology to create question papers in different formats, the lack of question bank doesn’t help teachers in reducing the time spent.

Think Exam

With a plethora of attractive characteristics, Think Exam is one of the more coveted options when it comes to free online test maker for teachers. Keeping in mind the ongoing lockdown due to coronavirus, ThinkExam has introduced a live class feature for teachers to conduct online classes. However, amidst all the perks Think Exam offers, it is only free for a period of one month. Teachers are allowed to conduct only 30 tests in this trial period. Therefore, a teacher will be able to conduct one exam for only one student per day or one exam for 30 students. After the one-month period, the online testing platform asks the user to purchase the product to proceed further.


With many accolades to its name, ClassMarker has established itself as a secure online examination system. It lets you conduct secure public and private exams. Apart from its application in student assessment, various industries use this software for business purposes and training. ClassMarker permits free accounts for trial periods where teachers can conduct upto 100 online tests in a month. After the one- month trial period expires, this online exam software gives you the option of choosing a suitable plan for you to purchase to continue using the platform.


A popular free online test creator software amongst teachers and coaching institutes, MegaExams has become one of the most sought after online testing platforms. Teachers enjoy the benefit of conducting unlimited tests using the question bank curated by education specialists. There is a vast question bank available which consists of a mixed pattern of questions for the teachers to choose from. The questions range from various difficulty levels. Teachers have the option to customize their own tests in addition to using the existing question-bank.

MegaExams also gives a detailed analysis of the student’s answers which helps teachers focus on the weaker points of their students more comprehensively. Besides this, MegaExams offers teachers the ability to track multiple exams that they are conducting, all in one go. MegaExams is offering the services for free for unlimited time with all required features. However, you can upgrade based on the number of students and avail additional features.


When you think about ‘how are online exams conducted’, SpeedExam gives you the correct answer. This software has crossed borders and is trusted by teachers in more than 128 countries when it comes to conducting online exams. The major reason for this vast reach is attributed to the fact that it is free. SpeedExam does not charge any fee to conduct an online exam. However, it has a downside to it. Almost all of their innovative features like result analysis and practice tools are not available for free account holders. Moreover, teachers using the free mode via SpeedExam get to conduct only 50 tests per month.

Trusted by teachers across the country, MegaExams is a leading online exam software with many attractive features. The platform has made conducting exams super easy and time-saving. Teachers can generate an exam paper in a few clicks. MegaExams will make effective exams effortless for you.