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Tips for NEET preparation at home


Prasanth Parameswaran


June 14, 2020
Tips to Crack NEET Exam with The Help of Online Exam Software

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the gateway to making a career in medicine in India. Aspiring medical professionals in India attempt the NEET UG exam for admission into MBBS and BDS colleges across the country. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the exam once a year. This year, the exam was scheduled to take place on May 3 which got postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The exam has now been scheduled for July 26. With the new dates being announced by the HRD Ministry, students have ramped up their revisions in a bid to crack one of the most competitive exams in India.

NEET tests a students’ calibre in addition to their knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There are many Tips for NEET preparation at home, but students, more importantly, need to tackle the exam strategically. Amid the coronavirus scare, it is completely fine if you aren’t stepping out for coaching; exhaustive revisions and taking extensive mock tests will make you stay on top of your preparation. 

Here are comprehensive Tips for NEET preparation at home :

Make a Timetable

If you’re wondering how to start preparation for NEET, start with stamping July 26 on your calendar and make a convincing timetable accordingly. Keep in mind that you’ve already completed the entire syllabus and this is the time for pure revision and taking as many tests you can. Make a timetable where you give equal time to revision, tests, recreational activities, and a night of good eight-hour sleep. A timetable will not only help you get better for the final exam day, but it will also guide you through your progress.

Gather syllabus and studying material

Cumulate the entire syllabus and make a list of important topics to begin your NEET preparation at home. After figuring out the important topics, gather all the relevant studying material for those topics. Make sure that the studying material you’re using is of high quality. You can also use your notes to go through topics. Along with it, make sure you also get previous years’ question paper to help you get an idea about the type and pattern of questions to expect.

Revise thoroughly

Anyone looking for tips to crack NEET 2020 will be told to revise all important topics. Revise, revise, and revise again. There is no such thing as too much revision. When you revise thoroughly, you immediately understand your weak points that you can work on later. Revise the entire syllabus stressing more on the important topics. While going through the syllabus, you can make a separate list of mnemonics- codes that help you remember theories and retain them. These are codes that are easily accessible to your brain. Similarly, you can create a separate note-sheet for important formulas to help you in the last leg of your revision.

Take extensive mock tests

With many students attempting the exam, NEET is getting tougher year-by-year to only select the creamy layer of students. Students need to practice taking the exam via online mock tests. Since NEET consists of 180 questions to be attempted in 180 minutes, students will only have 1 minute each for a question. Mock tests will help students pick-up speed while attempting the final exam. In situations like these where the students cannot step out to take teachers’ help for mock tests, free practice tests are available online. Online web apps like MegaExams have a free online test series for NEET to help take numerous online mock tests. MegaExams gives a detailed analysis of the student’s results to help them correct their mistakes.

Students should make it a point to attempt at least one full-length mock test every 2-3 days.

Generic tips for aspirants

Rigorous preparation to tackle NEET head-on is necessary. What is also necessary is maintaining health to sit through the 3-hour exam. Amidst all the tips to crack NEET exam, make sure that you are not stressing yourself out or over-exerting yourself. Students should maintain a healthy diet and indulge in light exercise every day. Take short breaks between studying. Keep yourself entertained with some extracurricular activities for a few minutes each day.

NEET is like any other entrance exam for higher studies, you need to conquer the test with a technique. Tighten your grip on important topics by taking free online practice tests and get a detailed analysis using MegaExams. Good luck!