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Tips for Conducting an Online Exam using Online Exam Software


Mit Kotecha


December 17, 2020
Tips for Conducting an Online Exam using Online Exam Software

Online exam software have become popular, which is a direct result of lockdowns imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, without any doubt, the teaching and learning process cannot come to a halt. And, it didn’t. Thanks to online exam software which helped in keeping the education process on-going. There are numerous ways in which online exams are conducted with online exam software.

Here are a few tips for conducting online exam using online exam software:

Set Practice Sets

Use the question bank available in the online library to create practice tests for students. Online practice exams will help the students improve in their subjects. You can also choose to automate this process using such online exam software. This expansive reserve also helps the student. It can be accessed by students using the online exam software directly. And, they can practice questions on their own as well.

Automate the Exam Assessment

There is less chance of an error in these online exams since they are automated. They are error-free. They are more secure than pen and paper exams. Try to use the question bank that comes as a package with subscriptions to online exam software. These help teachers set various practice tests and short assignments in almost all subjects. These online tests are quite beneficial for students as well.

Stay Online During Major Exams

You should stay online during an online exam to help students on a real-time basis in case of any technical doubts that may arise while taking the exam. And, connect with the online exam software as a teacher to get answers to your doubts and queries. This will greatly streamline the process of exam for the students using online exam software.

Write the Instructions

Always write the instructions for online exams. And ensure that no online exam begins before the students have read the instructions carefully. Most online exam software have this feature built-in. It helps ensure less human error due to the online nature of the exam. MegaExams supports this feature and helps improve the online exam experience of its users.

Track Your Students’ Progress

Responses and results can be easily stored and have lesser chances of getting mixed up or lost when using online exam software. Use the performance reports that are available after every online exam to understand the strong and weak areas of the students. Online exam software such as MegaExams provides detailed analysis for a student that can help teachers understand their weak and strong areas. And, keep an update on their progress in various topics and subjects.

Ask Shuffled Questions

You should ask shuffled questions to reduce the chances of cheating and malpractice during an online exam. Use both MCQ and subjective questions to test the students holistically. You can test how much they understand a concept using such methods quite easily. As a teacher, you should create tests with a varied difficulty level. Mix and match long and short answer questions with MCQs to test the students in all the aspects.

Choose a Secure Online Exam Software

There are many online examination software which can be used to conduct online exams with security. Software like MegaExams provides an exam platform where the entire process can be auto-proctored. You get a secure test window that will prevent the test taker from snooping other websites during the exam. The question paper sequence can be pre-defined or randomised depending on your choice.

Take a Demo

Always opt for a demo from the online exam software company. These companies provide software as a service and are bound to provide demos to the same. For instance, a brand like MegaExams has a hoard of videos and how-to guides available for the teachers and students alike. These guides help with all the on-platform features. You may also ask to get a live demo of the online exam software from their experts, and use the platform for Free for conducting a few exams.

Give your Students Time to Learn the Platform

It is recommended that you give your students adequate time to learn the online exam software. Start your tests one week early and allow our students to get comfortable with the online exam software. They can take practice tests or mock tests to understand how their actual test will be. It helps in doing away with all the small technical errors that creep in due to the use of online software to conduct exams.


Online exams are different from pen and paper exams. However, since the rise of the online space, online exams have become one of the more practical methods of conducting an exam. It is cost-efficient. And, it bears less burden in the students to travel to the exam centre. It also allows minimal human intervention and automates the entire exam process for the institution. You don’t even have to set your questions when using online exam software like MegaExams. Online exam software can generate automated question papers. You can also customise question papers and add your questions. After that, you can randomise the order of the same. Above all, there are way too many possibilities when using online exam software to conduct online exams. The future of online exams is growing brighter every day. And, this growth is exponential, especially due to the pandemic. Online exam software is becoming more and more flexible and technologically advanced. Several online exam software are using AI-backed systems to create a safe exam platform. One such online exam software is MegaExams. Follow the above-mentioned tips to ensure error-free evaluation.