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The Future with Online Examination System in India


Mit Kotecha


November 27, 2020


We all live under the constant influence of technology. Be it at our workplace or home. Most of the sectors such as fashion, groceries and financials have shifted to the online domain during this pandemic. Similarly, education has also marked a paradigm shift in the direction of technology. An online examination software assists schools and colleges to conduct tests using the internet.

Most of us have become accustomed to the nature of online classes and video lectures. However, problems persist as far as online exams are concerned. Using an online exam software solves this problem. And, it does so with minimal human intervention. Online exam portals are becoming necessary for schools, colleges and universities across the country.

The current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is a threat to the conventional idea of classroom education. At the same time, education cannot stop. Hence, a shift to the digital domain was evident. What is striking is the magnitude of this shift. Most of the school and college authorities are in touch with the students over WhatsApp or Email. They are also conducting classes on platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. Most schools and colleges have begun to incorporate online exams as well.

Current Situation of Online Exams in India

In India, The University Grants Commission is looking to innovate education. And, this news could not come at a better time. With the online shift fueled by the spread of the pandemic, this is a huge relief for Indian academicians of all kinds. Indian Institute of Management Kashipur is one of the first institutes that have opted for the online exam route. Similarly, Jindal Global University has recently announced that it will conduct its entrance exams via an online test software. It is also reported that Delhi Technical University will hold its internal exams online as well.

The fast-paced growth of the use of technology in education is making the need for pen and paper exams obsolete. There are several benefits to using an online test software. A few of them are mentioned below:


An online test software is affordable. These are quick and simple as compared to the traditional exam method using pen and paper.  Once this software is set up for an institute, there is no variable cost. The cost per candidate can range between 10 rupees and 50 rupees. Whereas, in a traditional pen and paper test, the cost can shoot upwards of 100 rupees per candidate.

Easy to Use

The process of using an online exam software is easy. Anyone with only a little know-how of the internet can use the platform with ease. Institutes can request guided demos or enjoy from an array of videos already present on the system.

No Human Error

You can minimise the level of human involvement in the exam process. Only the teacher sets the questions for an exam and then uploads them on the online test software. Or, the teacher can also avail the rich reserve of the online question bank and select questions from there. Once the exam has been taken by a candidate, the result is automatically generated and updated on the platform. There is no delay in this evaluation process. And, there is no human involvement either. This ensures an error-free evaluation of the exam.

Vast Digital Resources and Question Bank

Teachers who use an online examination software such as MegaExams can also benefit the vast digital library of resources. The teachers can use this repository or Question bank to set practice sets. The students can also choose to attempt these at their convenience.


Any exam process involves many different phases that can be tough for an institution to manage. It begins with registration of candidates, allocation of roll numbers, the appointment of invigilators and paper setters, evaluation of answer scripts and the publication of results. This process is usually stressful and tedious. Online exam software streamlines this process and makes it easier to manage. And no human involvement is necessary.

Less Logistical Issues

Using online exam software makes exams easy for students. It is particularly true for students who live far away from exam centres. It removes the need to travel miles to reach the venue. Using online test software makes exam registration quick and easy. They can take the tests in a secure and safe environment from the comfort of their homes. The teachers can also evaluate the answers at their ease. There is no administrative issue when using an online exam website as well.

Many exams take place nationally or even internationally. Using an online exam software is necessary in this case to make access easy for everyone taking the exam. This technology is also quite scalable. You can conduct any exam across borders using an online exam software. These softwares are scalable and efficient in use. Teachers, as well as students, can use it whenever and from wherever they want to.

The Future with Online Exams

Any ordinary video conference service can help you conduct daily classes. But, it fails to help teachers assess how well the students are grasping the concepts. You may not be able to track the growth and progress of a student using such software. However, if you use online exam software, you can track the growth and performance of a student with ease. Also, you can look at using an online exam platform such as MegaExams that integrates your regular online classes software like Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, etc. so that classes and exams can happen on the All-in-One platform.

The future of online education and online examination is expanding. And, this growth is exponential. Online exam software is becoming more and more robust and advanced. Several online exam systems such as MegaExams are using AI-backed systems to create a safe exam platform. Many of such softwares are available for free. With the rise of online exams, various technological advancements have also occurred. You can set any type of questions including subjective questions and MCQ based questions.

The students can either answer on the platform or write their answers on paper and scan it using the built-in option. This is an added advantage of using an online exam software. Teachers can check their students’ performances and progress. And, they also receive a progress report along with the answer scripts instantly. This report also outlines the weak and strong areas of the student.Online exams and online exam portals are one of the easiest ways to conduct any exam in the world today. These platforms are secure and provide a fault-free exam environment. These platforms are way more accessible than traditional exams. And, these online exams are also relatively cheaper. MegaExams, an online test software, contains an online reserve of study materials. This can be accessed by the teachers as well as the students. This helps in organising the exam process. And, greatly simplifies the exam and learning process at large. You would usually need to buy practice papers and textbooks to appear for an exam. With MegaExams, this problem is solved as well.