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Technology in education & the best way to use it


Mit Kotecha


August 3, 2020
Online Teaching & Online Assessment

Education as a sector has been revamped with every passing year. We started moving away from textbooks to visual learning and tried to incorporate the internet in learning as well. Soon, technology became an indispensable part of teaching. Today, technology in education is enabling learning in the most remote parts of the world.

Role of technology in education

Technology has been integrated with education to give birth to online learning. However, a harmonious mix of both will take some time to achieve. However, technology in education should not be mistaken for the internet solely. Inventions like Braille and other assistive technology also help to incorporate technology in education.  

There is no denying the fact that the use of technology in education is the future of education. However, we still need to understand the usage of technology in education. There is no doubt that technology in education will play a key role to develop efficient teaching means. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, learning has been pushed online. Teachers are still getting comfortable with online learning, twisting and tweaking it in their own way.

Online learning- the new normal

Kids born after 2000 are accustomed to mobile devices like phones, laptops, tablets and the likes. They are comfortable navigating through these devices in a matter of seconds; more efficiently than their parents. Naturally, these mediums are not alien to them and can also become their primary medium of learning.

Technology for students is easy to incorporate now that the world is shifting to online education. The move is easier on the students who are already comfortable with the platform.

Mobile devices are platforms that students these days are comfortable with and like to spend their time on. Incorporating technology in education will be easily possible for students, and they will better absorb learning.

Essential software to support online learning

Online learning is not possible without using specialised software that supports it. There is special software that facilitates online classes like Google Classrooms, Cisco WebEx and Zoom. Most of these are free and can be exploited to assist in e-learning. MegaExams is an online exam software that allows you to conduct online live classes using these tools. You get to conduct live classes via Jio Meet, Zoom, Google Classrooms and many other apps in addition to conducting online tests! And that’s how you end up getting the best of both the worlds. 

You cannot talk about online learning and not talk about online assessment. Online testing has been around much before the COVID era. Teachers can’t stop raving about the benefits of online exams. Platforms like MegaExams have made it easy for teachers to shift to online learning. MegaExams gives the right tinge of technology to the process of conducting tests. Online exams are advantageous for both students and teachers with their easy user interface. Online exam software like MegaExams is the best example of the usage of technology in education. 

More importantly, MegaExams act as teachers’ right hand letting them make tests in less than 5 minutes, and also letting them practice the art of making tests. And you can take as many tests as you want, sky’s the limit!

Tools for integrated learning

Incorporating technology in learning has not been a process which happened overnight. It happened over a few years, if not decades. The process started with teachers asking students to make PowerPoint presentations on essential topics and give a ‘presentation’ in the class in front of their peers.

Activities like these motivated them for self-study and also instilled a sense of confidence in the students. Teachers themselves should use presentations to explain complicated topics.

Other tools like Excel Spreadsheets and infographics give online teaching a new approach. They introduce students to more modern tools that will help them develop skills beyond the classroom.

MegaExams has taken integration of tools for better online learning quite seriously. The software has been modified and adjusted to suit both teachers and students. Now, you can conduct unlimited online exams, organize live classes and even share notes and study material with your students! 

Newer tools like podcasts, YouTube video and tutorials and Virtual Reality (VR) are playing an important role in broadening the knowledge base of students. While VR is the latest tool in learning and focuses more on immersive learning, YouTube videos are a popular tool. Students look up to YouTube tutorials for advanced education and self-study.

Benefits of incorporating technology in Education

There are numerous benefits of using technology in education, the first being that education is also catching up with the digital era. Online classes have become a norm owing to the coronavirus pandemic. In the middle of everything, it is the technology that is helping both teachers and students mitigate the distance and keep the learning going, uninterrupted.

There is no doubt that when you incorporate technology with education, the new platform that emerges is more engaging. It captivates students’ attention immediately and for a long time. Consequently, students’ retention power increases.

One of the best benefits of using technology in education is the fact that it allows both collaborative and individual learning at the same time. Students can learn to work in groups and on their own, per the situation.

The need to teach online has never been higher, and teachers are yearning for a better model to incorporate technology in education vis-a-vis digital learning, online tests and other tools. Incorporating technology in education can be tricky when it comes to striking a balance. However, online software that facilitates learning makes sure that it gives only the best of the technology to you. 

MegaExams brings you the best features of online exams with the least work! With a platform like MegaExams, you get everything in one space and do not need to learn a handful of apps and software. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your online teaching needs, with the best-in-class tool for conducting online tests in less than 5 minutes