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Education technology as an aid to teachers


Prasanth Parameswaran


August 23, 2019
Education Technology as an Aid to Teachers

Teachers have a tough job with both passing on knowledge to their students as well as ensuring that they retain what they have learned. In coaching institutes, educators often face a challenge with ensuring that all students receive adequate attention and support, while administrators need to manage the logistics involved in the teaching and assessment processes. Leveraging education technology, therefore, can help bring positive structural changes that can be integral to achieving significant improvements in productivity and add value to all stakeholders. 

Education technology increases efficiency among teachers

A common fear among teachers or institutes about using technology is that it may lead to loss of jobs or redundancy in staff due to a machine taking over their jobs. These apprehensions arise from misconceptions about or inadequate insights into how these technology-driven tools work. However, the truth is that digital teaching tools do not replace human intervention, but in fact enhance it. This is because the machine interface is merely a medium or an analytical framework for teaching or conducting exams. The true value of a digital platform lies in its ability to offer insights that can help teachers improve learning outcomes, and provide personalized learning assistance.

Blending education technology with classroom-based instruction thus allows teachers to take a more personalized approach to address gaps in their understanding of topics and concepts beyond the classroom. Online tools such as Online exam software, in particular, have the potential to improve productivity by accelerating the rate of learning, reducing the cost of teaching and assessment materials, and ensure better utilization of teachers’ time. 

With digital examination management systems, teachers can not only create more effective tests in an efficient and less time-consuming manner but also measure the learning progress and performance improvement among their students more accurately. Exam creation and assessment software allow teachers to conduct tests with greater frequency as opposed to conducting them offline, and access digital records of scores and ranks more easily. Such tools can not only inform teachers which questions students answered correctly, but also how much time they spent on each question.

As a result, teachers get a much clearer picture as to their students’ progress, enabling them to intervene at the right time to work with them to improve their concepts. With a platform like MegaExams, teachers and institutes can analyze trends across the class and compare test results with other batches or even other institutes on a country-wide level. 

Technology-driven teaching tools are easy to use and reliable

A common apprehension among coaching institutes about using education technology is whether they and their staff can operate digital platforms or that they will need to spend a lot of time learning to use them. 

Online exam software are among the simpler tools out there that offer a user interface that is graphical and intuitive in nature and built to be extremely user-friendly for those with minimal technical knowledge. Each icon, function, and clickable item on these platforms are often self-explanatory, while the customizability of the software allows for changes in its design to make it more simple for users. 

Another common concern among teachers and institutes regarding online tools is their security and reliability. In this regard, Online exam software is rather simple and straightforward and can be easily modified to make them more secure and ensure seamless accessibility. For instance, if a power failure occurs in the middle of an exam, the system can resume from the exact point it was earlier without affecting the student’s progress.

The MegaExams platform can handle an indefinite number of candidates logging in from various places at the same time without any hiccups. Moreover, the platform includes mechanisms that prevent breaches and malpractices on the part of the students to ensure the general integrity and fairness of the examination process. 

Any modern examination and learning-assistance tools should enable educators to focus their efforts on teaching and preparing students to improve academic performance. That is just what MegaExams aims to do. Our platform is designed with a focus on user-friendliness for all stakeholders and addressing the most common challenges institutes face with technology adoption. At the same time, we aim to provide coaching institutes and teachers a powerful platform that makes exam management effortless, along with resources to make teaching significantly smarter.