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SSC CGL: Improving student reasoning and quant skills


Prasanth Parameswaran


October 7, 2019

The date for the Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level exam for 2019 (SSC CGL 2019) will be announced on October 31st by the Staff Selection Commission. The registration process for the examination will continue until November 28, and sources claim that the precise examination dates have not yet been finalized.

This is important news for potential candidates for the exam, which determines who will be selected for public sector jobs in Group B or Group C posts. Some of the most lucrative posts that are filled up through this examination are  Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) at the Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG), Assistant Section Officer (ASO) at the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO) at the Enforcement Directorate (ED). These lucrative posts have about 3 million people signing up to write the exam, so the competition is fierce. Coaching institutes preparing aspirants for it must be able to impart strong reasoning and quantitative skills to help their students get past the objective Tier I exam.

The best way to prepare students for SSC CGL 2019 is aiding them in strategically practicing questions of different types and helping them answer the paper faster and more accurately. MegaExams helps coaching institutions accomplish that through smart, AI-driven feedback and insights.

Making practice easier and more effective for SSC CGL

Preparing aspirants for the SSC CGL exam requires getting them comfortable with writing competitive exams with multiple choice questions. Anyone who is a graduate can attempt the exam, and bringing a variety of students with different backgrounds to a level of exam-cracking competence requires conducting multiple regular practice exams at high frequency. This helps students get accustomed to tricks such as eliminating options and zero-ing in on the right answer and saving time while attempting the exam. 

However, creating and evaluating a large number of such examinations takes a lot of time and effort on the part of teachers. The logistics can often make it difficult for institutions to hold exams even on a weekly basis. MegaExams makes it easier for teachers and institutes because it automates exam creation and evaluation. It uses a high-quality question bank to make effective exams in seconds. By automating this process, it saves teachers and institutes massive amounts of time which they can better utilize in teaching and guiding the students.

Smart, actionable feedback and insights

In addition to automating exam creation and evaluation, MegaExams provides smart, AI-driven feedback to teachers and students alike. It identifies topical weaknesses, question-types that need to be practiced more, and offers insights into which questions are taking candidates too much time to complete. This information is made available to teachers and students on MegaExams’ dashboard, which also allows both teachers and students to create targeted exams that focus on student weaknesses to give them practice to overcome their weaknesses. This helps inform teachers at the level of the class or at the level of individual students where they need to focus, and gives them the means to help aspirants become comprehensively ready for the exam.

The dashboard also allows students to self-study and build their own practice question sets, enabling them to get better through practice and focused study. The ability to take as many digital exams as they need also helps students get the practice they need of computerised exams. The overall experience ensures that students have the experience and confidence to put their best foot forward, and allows coaching institutes to make sure that their students are as prepared as they can be for SSC CGL 2019, as the exam approaches.