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Explore popular questions from Partnership for SSC. This collection covers Partnership previous year SSC questions hand picked by experienced teachers.

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Correct Marks 2

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Q 1. Three partners A, B and C invest RS. 3,000 RS. 4,000 and RS. 5,000 respectively. A get 15% of the profit as manager's salary and B gets 10% of the profit as Asst. Manager's salary. The remaining part of the profit is distributed among them in the ratio of their investments. If A receives RS. 540, the shares of B and C respectively are

RS. 560, RS. 500


RS.500, RS. 560


RS. 160, RS. 500


none of these


Total profit = x
Salary = 25/100 x = 1/4 x
Profit to be distributed is 3/4 of x in ratio 3 : 4 : 5.
A = 15/100x+ 3/12 X 3/4x
540 = 60x+75x/400
=> x = 1600
>B's share = 160+4/12 X 1200
= RS. 560
and C's share =5/12 X 1200
= RS. 500