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Personalised Learning Assistance using Online Exam Software


Prasanth Parameswaran


April 21, 2020
Personalised exams using online exam software

Online Exam Software can give teacher their superpowers! It makes everything automatic and lets you do everything in the blink of an eye! It is like having an Educational Personal-Assistant 24X7.

Studies have shown that personal attention by teachers goes a long way in building confidence, productivity and useful self-identification in learners, in any kind of learning or training, not necessarily related to studies. It is the most effective form of teaching and is common in the most-developed and most well-educated countries of the world – Scandinavian nations, for instance, have class sizes of 15-20, and the pupil: teacher ratio is very low. However, in the Indian context, given our population, economic status, wealth classes, and educational machinery, it is not possible for any institution to directly take such an approach.

Technology is here to help!

Exam Software securely maintains individual profiles, which enables it to provide a customised experience to the students. Online Exam Software can be set to adapt to the needs of both the teachers and the students in multiple aspects.

Stated below are various aspects of how personalized learning assistance element in an exam software helps teachers and students 

Weakness Identification and Adaptation

Online Exam Software can be set to recognize the weaknesses of the student and develop future tests accordingly so as to target and remove them. Based on the results of a test, the online assessment platform identifies the strong and weak areas of the student, and forms and selects future tests progressively on these weak areas. This progressive elimination is very effective and strengthens the conceptual grasp on the topic. Moreover, the teacher can choose to individually target the respective weaknesses of the student once they are identified, and then attend to and clear the respective doubts of their students.

Student performance analysis

Teachers can get an overview of the performance of his students using the insights and ranking feature of the exam software. A wide, bird’s eye-view provides the institute-owner the ability to understand the statistics of the overall performance of his/her students. The insights can be batchwise or entire, which is intra-batch or inter-batch. It also provides with a Leaderboard, which is quite a valuable resource for both students and teachers. Teachers can find their most promising students and focus on custom-grooming and special-training them in order to achieve maximal reliable result conversions. Subject-wise and individual, specific, question wise stats can be also be viewed, for instance, how the batch did in Chemistry, or who all scored the highest in Physics, or which questions were the least-correctly-answered or least-attempted, or which ones were answered the most by a specific batch, and so on.

Thus, leaderboards help realize and improve performance on both ends: at the student’s individual level and the custom-level – batch, institute, or nationally defined by the institute owner.

Nationwide Leaderboard

Why stay confined to your building, when you can compete with the entire nation? Online Exam Software permits you the luxury to benchmark yourselves akin to that in a Nationwide Test-Series. Institute-owners and students can opt to gauge their performance against hundreds of thousands of students across the nation.

Batch-Toppers, particularly in small towns and localities become limited in their outlook and outgrow their domain and scope to grow – They become ‘frogs-in-a-well’. Because the real exams involve nationwide competition, it is important that the training be directed so, as well.

Various pictorial modes of representations of these detailed statistics can be plotted to visualize and put in perspective the individual or collective performance of the students enrolled in one particular program, or the institute in general. In this elaborate scheme of things, individual section wise and topic wise performance of the toppers can be viewed – as the subjects they performed best in.

Individual students can view each question in perspective of the national toppers, and see how the time taken for them is different from that taken by the topper. Total Time-taken to complete the test, Number of question attempts, etc. are vital statistics that are almost impossible to keep track of with physical paper-based exams.

When students are put in this grand, realistic overview, they can better realize their position, mobility, and direction, and potential to improve.

Anyone can customize

Students can create their own personalized tests in the topics they are weak at, software can do that for them if they are busy or confused, and lastly, teachers can do that too, of course. This offers an unprecedented scope of usage, breadth, versatility, and freedom, that can seldom be enjoyed with conventional means of testing.

With the vast high-quality, industry-expert-crafted question banks loaded in the system, anyone can assemble their own test, keeping their unique needs in mind. With exam software, one need not bear in mind what specific skills they want to test with a general, standard test. The ‘One Size Fits All’ rule is not suitable for education. If a student feels interested or needful of testing themselves in one topic of their choice, they can set the system to do so effortlessly, eliminating the need to depend on others for it. Teachers can administer chapter-wise tests as the course progresses, keeping track of weekly or monthly performance for each respective module and topic.

Online Exam Software has the potential to revolutionize not only exam-specific coaching but education and training as we know them. Personalized experience is increasingly in demand across all sectors and fields of activity today. With Online Exam Software’s personalized learning assistance, institutes can add this attractive and compelling USP (Unique Selling Point) to their business profile and marketing assets and greatly add to their value, student-satisfaction, and productivity.

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