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Pan India Leaderboard for rank improvement


Prasanth Parameswaran


August 22, 2019
MegaExams’ Integrated Leaderboard For Rank Improvement

The higher education landscape has evolved tremendously as new tools for teaching and learning come to the fore. Coaching institutes, however, continue to play a vital role in preparing students for high-stakes entrance examinations for various higher education programs. But in the absence of technology, conducting and managing exams offline can be a highly time and resource-intensive process for educators. More importantly, going about the process of creating exams offline can limit the ability of teachers to assess students effectively and introduce necessary learning interventions. 

For one, the quality of questions and the range of topics covered in an examination are crucial for a thorough assessment of a student’s overall preparation as well as their strengths and weaknesses. With automated exam creation and assessment tools, teachers can not only simplify the most time-consuming aspects of conducting exams, but also gain a broader perspective on how well their students are prepared. 

Performance benchmarking: Improving scores through pan India rank comparisons

Technology allows for more advanced performance evaluation and benchmarking capabilities. It also enables teachers to keep up with the changing patterns of various entrance examinations and build tests within their institutes that are consistent with these changes. A truly modern testing and evaluation platform, therefore, should also offer a database of content that is constantly updated with new and better quality questions and reflect changes in exam patterns and difficulty levels with accuracy. 

Furthermore, automated examination platforms bypass the need for correcting answer sheets and identifying specific areas for students to improve, making evaluation much easier. Advanced scoring and analysis tools can offer in-depth insights into how a student has performed in each subject, section, test, and more. 

But considering the intense competition within the higher education space, students also need accurate and quantitative feedback on where they stand on a national level, given that they are competing with lakhs of other students. A leaderboard on a digital examination platform gives students just that while enabling teachers to identify which areas to focus on for each student to ensure better scores. Besides this, such a score tracking mechanism also helps motivate students to overcome specific weak areas by providing them a clear direction in which to focus their efforts. Also, this feature of an online exam software has the potential to make exam-taking addictive for students and hence ensuring enough practice for them.

MegaExams’ integrated leaderboard with national rankings

We at MegaExams identified the importance of having a leaderboard for every teacher/institute early on during the process of building our platform. Thus, we included this feature in our examination solution from the very beginning for each exam in order to give coaching institutes and students a competitive edge over their counterparts from around the country. The platform’s leaderboard instantly syncs data from various sources to update pan India scores and rankings, making it available to all teachers and learners once they complete taking or administering a mock test. 

The idea behind a digitised exam management system is to enable teachers and educators across the country to focus on what they do best – teaching and preparing students for their academic challenges. MegaExams is doing that and more with a set of powerful features designed to make examinations effortless while providing teachers the support and information they need to empower themselves to teach smarter and educate their students better.