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Online Examination System: How Does it Work?


Mit Kotecha


December 4, 2020
Know How Online Examination System Works


Over the years, the education system has evolved to meet the growing needs of the time. There has been a shift to the digital space in this respect. And, the credit for this shift mainly goes to the rapid advancements in the use of technology in the education sector.

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus across the globe, the introduction of video classes into the routine has become profound. Teachers now have the power to take online classes on platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc. This has made the teaching ecosystem much more interactive and accessible. Anyone with a basic internet connection can take part in such classes from anywhere.

Similarly, the rise in the use of an online exam software has also brought huge advancements to this system. Online test software has made online testing safe, secure and easy. Such technologies have created newer opportunities for teachers as well as the students alike. And, these online test software have several benefits unlike the pen and paper exams in the past.

What is an Online Examination System?

An online examination system is an online platform that is dedicated to conducting online tests of any kind. MegaExams is one such example of an online test portal that is free and accessible to everyone. These online exam portals provide the test maker and the test taker with multiple functions and features that make their exam comfortable and free from errors. In other words, an online test software is a platform that is used to create online tests, set practice question papers, conduct online exams and evaluate results instantly. Using such an online exam software makes exams more accessible and eliminates all the hinges of a pen and paper exam.  

How does an Online Examination System work?

An online examination system works just like a standard pen and paper examination. Most of the online examination softwares in the market today takes care of all the exam needs and processes involved with an online exam. This includes registration of students, the setting of question papers, evaluation of answer scripts, allocation of roll numbers and invigilators, etc.

The following is an elaborate discussion of how an online examination system works in today’s day and age:

Pre-Exam Processes:

A good online test portal is supposed to solve all your exam related issues in one go. Such issues begin before the exam day with several issues that any institution must deal with. The following are a few instances of this process:

Registration Process:

First, when an institution is using an online exam software to conduct its exams, it must register with the platform to ensure a seamless use. Once this registration is completed, there is no added cost for carrying out exams. This is much cheaper than pen and paper exams for the institution. Institutions can also avail a free demo of the online exam software on demand.

It can also take care of the registration process for the students and allocate them unique exam roll numbers.

Test Creation:

Any teacher can create tests on such online exam softwares. There is no tech knowledge necessary. You can set both objectives as well as subjective questions for any exam. These questions can contain charts, diagrams, tables, etc. The tests can be made on the platform itself with almost no effort. Once a test is made, it is secure from leaks and spams as well. End-to-end online examination softwares like MegaExams provide the flexibility to choose from a curated question bank. This enables the teachers to create a question paper from any topic or sub-topic in no time.

Exam Processes:

Exam processes are cumbersome for all schools and colleges. It is a usual period of chaos. Using an online test portal reduces this burden to a great extent. The following are the benefits of using an online test portal for students and teachers:

For Students:

Any large scale exam brings with itself several logistical issues. A candidate may have to travel long distances, go through repeated checks for verification, etc. These act as performance inhibitors for them. However, if you use an online examination system to conduct the online test, most of these problems are easily dealt with. There is no need to commute to the exam centre. The exam can be taken from anywhere with any device and a stable internet connection. The students can also choose to answer the exam directly on the platform to answer it on paper and scan the answer script. There is no way to cheat, hence learning is compulsory in such online exams.

For Teachers:

Teachers have the most work during an examination. Using online exam software such as MegaExams deals with all the hassle the teacher had during a pen and paper exam. As a teacher, you can set any type of question that you want and receive constant updates as the students take the test. You can use the platform from any device with a stable internet connection hence you can check the answers and set the questions from anywhere in the world. There is no burden for invigilation or preparing the exam centre. This largely makes the exam process easy for the teachers.

Post-Exam Processes:

After any exam has been conducted, the workload for the teachers rises ten fold. There is a burden of allotting teachers as paper checkers and the process of evaluation in itself is long and time-consuming. If you use an online test portal, this burden is minimised to a great extent. There is no human involvement needed. Teachers may not have to physically evaluate each answer script and let the platform do so on their behalf. The students get to know the scores immediately as well. There is no delay as was in the case of the old practice of a pen and paper exam.

Progress Tracking:

You can keep a track of the progress made by your students using an online exam software as well. After every exam, the teachers receive a performance report with the details of the student’s performance in the exam. This report also highlights the student’s weak areas and strong areas. It helps the teachers to understand how much a student has learnt and which areas still need improvement.

Other Processes:

Providing practice questions, test preparation material/notes and references are some examples of other processes that can also be dealt with using an online exam software. MegaExams comes with a fully loaded question bank which can be used by teachers and students, both. This expansive reserve of questions and explanations are perfect for most standardised exams in India. You can benefit from studying and practising these questions as a student. You can also use these questions to make practice tests for the students, as a teacher.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Using an online test software to conduct online tests is a way in which you can create an education system for the future without waiting for the times to get better.