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8 Ways Online Exam Software for JEE Main can help you


Prasanth P


March 4, 2020
Conduct JEE Main With Online Exam Software

While the syllabus of JEE Main has largely remained the same, the mode of taking the exam has changed from pen and paper-based to computer-based in recent years. Additionally, new question formats like numerical type questions have been introduced. As a teacher, it is important to help students cope with the changing format by giving them sufficient exposure.

Here are 8 big ways in which online exam software for JEE Main will help you to test and improve your students’ performance.

Create good quality exams, quickly.

As a teacher, you spend a significant amount of time creating good quality assessments. It forms a crucial part of your schedule because tests are an easy way to know how well students have grasped the lesson. Creating an exam for a group of students involves a lot of manual work. It is important to ask questions only from topics that have been taught, the correct difficulty level of questions, and so on. Most teachers handpick questions from a reputed book and ask a computer operator to type it out. This paper is proofread, corrected, and printed. Any teacher who has gone through this agony will agree that this obviously isn’t the smartest way to do this. 

With MegaExams, an end-to-end online exam portal, teachers get access to good quality topic wise JEE Main question bank – tagged and categorized for difficulty levels and question type.

Personalized testing for students at scale

A great teacher inspires students to outperform themselves – working on their weaknesses and building further on their strengths. This might sound simple but it is unbelievably difficult to do it at scale. Monitoring every single student and telling them where to improve is a humanly impossible task. 

Let’s take a step back here and see things like how a student would. Youngsters are addicted to social networks like TikTok and Instagram because it shows them what really interests them.  Their social feed on all these apps is super personalized. How can we make exams be addictive? By personalizing them. Imagine an online exam software that asks questions based on their strengths and weaknesses. With MegaExams, teachers can worry less about trying to make sense from data and instead focus on inspiring students to be champions.

Performance Insights

As the saying goes, you can improve only what you measure. It is critical to have two-way communication with students -, especially regarding their exam performance. Post-test discussion adds a lot of value to the student’s learning and self-realisation, and detailed solutions to each question enable them to solidify their conceptual grasp. A student can gauge his performance against his peers and identify gaps. 

Students preparing for JEE Main can have access to all kinds of statistics – personal as well as comparative. The result report is split-up in great detail, providing individual strength and weakness stats for each subject, section, topic, and question. These detailed online performance insights enable teachers to make informed decisions by equipping them with a precise, organised and objective analysis of the student’s proficiency. Teachers can not only gauge the overall performance of the students but also get topic wise information regarding the students. This can help teachers to categorise students at risk and if required recommend additional classes, and also improvise their teaching methodology on a real-time basis. These insights can also be viewed cumulatively class wise as well as batch-wise which gives great visibility to teachers and educational institutions.

Effortless and Error-free Exams

There’s nothing more boring than counting bubbles. Online Exam Software for JEE Main saves hundreds of hours and the need to hire multiple staff in order to maintain paperwork, evaluate OMR sheets, cumulate results and send them to students. 

The institute owners can also opt to use our pen-paper mode which prints the Question Paper and OMR Sheet (bubble sheet), evaluates it, and processes the results. Using our proprietary Cloud OMR solution, these papers can be evaluated with zero manual effort.

Cost-Effective and Convenient

Teachers often have to deal with multiple batches of students, usually sizing over 100 students in each batch. Students may not turn up for a written exam and that creates wastage in addition to the coordination and logistics hassles. Going digital can relieve you from all these avoidable pain points. Check our calculator to see how much money can be saved by going digital.

Schedule exams in a few clicks.

Figuring out when your students would write their class tests is the last thing a teacher needs to worry about. By using online exam software like MegaExams, scheduling exams for different batches of students is quick and simple.  To know the advantages of Digitising Exams click here.

Safe, Secure and Smooth

The key component of every exam is authentic results. Students being students, will obviously try to cheat. If you’re a MegaExams user, you’re protected from this. We have a bunch of security features like jumbling questions, hiding results and so on to ensure fairness. MegaExams offers a premium user experience because it has been built with teachers in mind. 

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