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    NEET JEE Kerala PSC
    Join our NEET 2019 test series and compete with 8214 students from top institutes. Close

    The trusted method to conquer NEET and secure admission to India's top medical colleges.

    Also prepare for various medical entrance examinations such as AIIMS and JIPMER.

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    Compete with 8458 students preparing for NEET 2019

    • 100,000+ questions from experts in Kota
    • Detailed explanation for each answer where required
    • Competency analysis across three levels - Basic, Medium and Advanced
    • Time analysis to help you improve your time management
    • Topic wise weakness identification and rectification

    Why MegaExams?

    Top content

    100,000+ top quality questions across three levels - Basic, Medium and Advanced

    Smart Analytics

    Get detailed stats about your exam performance including topic level strengths and weaknesses

    Identify and Rectify

    Instantly identify performance patterns and steps to rectify them

    Personalised Exams

    Challenge yourself by practicing exams generated based on your weaknesses


    Compare your score with students across the country

    Historical Progress

    Track how you have progressed over time for a particular topic

    Recommended by NEET achievers

    "MegaExams has provided me with top quality questions along with the tools to identify my weaknesses. It went in perfect match with the preparation classes as I could select which sections I wanted to practice. I will recommend this product to all students preparing for NEET."

    - Adwiti Prakash, NEET 2016 Rank 184

    Simple pricing. Cheaper than textbooks.

    12 months

    • Unlimited access to all sections in Class 11 and 12
    • 100,000+ questions, answers and solutions
    • 3 levels of difficulty - Easy, Medium & Advanced
    • Ideal for Class 12 and repeaters
    • Free access to online test series

    • INR 3500

      GST at 18% extra
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    24 months

    • Unlimited access to all sections in Class 11 and 12
    • 100,000+ questions, answers and solutions
    • 3 levels of difficulty - Easy, Medium & Advanced
    • Ideal for Class 11 students
    • Free access to online test series

    • INR 4500

      GST at 18% extra
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    If you are an institute or plan to buy more than 10 user accounts, get in touch with us for bulk pricing.

    Frequenty Asked Questions.

    Who sets your questions? How do I know your content is authentic?
    Our questions are curated by a team of top teachers from across the country including best selling authors. For NEET and JEE exam series, most of our content comes from teachers who have been teaching for various institutions in Kota, Rajasthan. All the exams on our site are taken by thousands of students across top institutes. If there are any errors, we rectify them immediately.
    How many times can I attempt a paper?
    Unlimited. There is absolutely no restriction to the number of times you can attempt any exam. You can keep practicing until you're sure that you will top the exam, if the same questions were to come.
    Note: You can use MegaExams on upto two devices using your login.
    Will using this platform guarantee a good rank?
    To keep it simple, if you use the platform to practice questions regularly, we guarantee that you will definitely see an improvement in your score. There are no guarantees in terms of rank because it completely depends on your performance on exam day.
    Can I take a print out of your question papers?
    No, you can access exams on your computer or any digital device. If you're interested in an offline test series, please get in touch with your institute details and we will get in touch with them.
    How can I attempt the exam?
    You can simply login to your account on our website from any device - mobile, tablet, laptop or computer, to start taking exams.
    Do I need to be connected to the internet while attempting the exam?
    You need to be connected to the internet while the question paper loads on your system. You can continue writing the exam even if you're disconnected from the internet. However, in order to submit the answers and get your performance reports you need to be connected to the internet.
    Can I leave the exam half way through and resume later?
    Yes, our system auto saves every answer you make. If you want to leave an exam half way through and come back later, you can resume from where you left.
    Do you have an offline test series?
    Yes, you can view details of our test series here.
    Can I try your platform before purchasing it?
    Yes, we offer two free exams for all our packages. You can create an account and start attempting those exams.
    I'm from an economically weak background. Can you help me?
    Please contact us and we will see what best can be done to ensure you're on your way to success.
    How are the answers evaluated?
    The answers are auto-evaluated by our system. You will get a complete score card with performance analysis covering various metrics such as time taken per question and average time spent as soon as you complete the examination.

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