NEET UG: How to turn aspirants into young doctors


Prasanth Parameswaran


September 16, 2019

The NEET UG (National Eligibility Entrance Test Undergraduate) test determines whether lakhs of students across the country will be able to fulfill their dream of becoming doctors or not. This examination is used to select students for seats at some of the most coveted medical colleges in India, such as CMC Vellore, AFMC Pune, and MAMC, New Delhi. Aspirants need to balance the pressure of studying for their 12th board exams with preparation for NEET UG, since it is only a month after the end of their board exams. Successful students are able to prepare efficiently, combining a strong fundamental understanding of the theory with sufficient practice in applying concepts to solve problems.

Technology tools are making it easier for students to study and practice, and are also making it easier for teachers to guide them towards success. Educators across the country are able to test their students more often and more accurately, getting better evaluations and insights through Exam Management Systems. These systems bolster student efficiency, while also helping teachers be more productive by reducing the effort involved in creating and administering exams. The time they are able to save also enables them to offer more personalised attention to the students.

Test frequently and more effectively

Digital exam management systems are built to aid teachers in the process of creating, conducting, and evaluating examinations. MegaExams is an end-to-end exam software, coming with 50,000+ NEET UG questions from the top educators across the country which teachers can use to build exams in seconds. You can just select a difficulty level and topics you want to cover, and it will create an exam for you automatically. Similarly, all student answers are evaluated digitally. 

Essentially, MegaExams takes up the two most time-consuming parts of the process – writing questions and correcting answer sheets. As a result, you can give your students any number of exams you want, giving them more practice, more feedback, and more detailed results

Personalised attention with smart dashboards

Using MegaExams, teachers can spend more time in giving personalised attention to students instead of mechanically correcting examination papers or spending hours trying to make question papers. With each exam, detailed data on student performance is updated on the MegaExams platform. Using the dashboard, teachers can view the overall performance trends for the entire class as well as individual students, and also compare scores and improvements between two or more classes and students.

This performance tracking enables teachers to identify the specific concepts or topics a student is weak in. They can use this information to create customised tests that target a student’s weak areas, and track their improvements over iterative tests until they catch up with the rest of the class. Physics in NEET UG, for instance, requires students to spend additional time for practice to better understand concepts like electrodynamics more effectively. However, there would be students in the class who are already well-versed in the subject and may not benefit from giving physics tests over and over again. Using MegaExams, teachers can create personalised,  subject-specific tests and assign them to specific students or groups of students. This ensures that students are well-versed in every topic and overall class performance and scores improve.

MegaExams also allows teachers to measure their students’ performance against that of national-level toppers and compare their scores and the time spent on questions and sections. This provides them an accurate idea of where students stand competitively for the examination, enabling them to guide them to prepare better. Essentially, teachers and institutions are empowered by MegaExams to monitor and evaluate student performance, while also giving them the capacity to provide personalised attention that helps students do better in NEET UG and other competitive exams.

NEET UG: Improving student preparation and performance

MegaExams is designed to be an effective aid to educators, freeing up their time and empowering them with technological tools which improve student performance. When teachers can work with their students and use their experience and newfound time to give personalised attention to the student, they make it easier for their students to crack NEET UG.

The MegaExams platform is built to deliver precise insights on student performance to help teachers give students the right feedback and coaching to prepare them for competitive examinations like NEET UG. We are constantly working towards improving our platform and empowering teachers with tools to make their job easier and help them contribute more effectively to student success.