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NEET UG 2020: Ensuring student success in the medical entrance test


Prasanth Parameswaran


October 18, 2019
NEET UG : Ensuring Student Success in The Medical Entrance through Practice Tests

The NEET UG (National Eligibility Entrance Test Undergraduate) test is conducted each year to fill seats for the MBBS course at medical colleges across the country such as MAMC New Delhi, GMC Mumbai, and AFMC Pune. In order to crack the exam, candidates must balance their preparation for NEET UG along with studying for their 12th board exams, since they will be appearing for the exam just a month after the boards. Students can ensure success in the exam through more efficient preparations, which involves both effective teaching support along with sufficient practice. 

Coaching institutes and the teachers play an important role as they help aspirants prepare to crack the highly competitive entrance test. They can contribute more effectively to student success by using technology-driven teaching and assessment tools like exam management systems. These digital examination platforms enable teachers to test more accurately and frequently, while their advanced evaluation capabilities and insights empower teachers to provide more effective teaching support to their students and improve their performance. More importantly, such platforms also reduce teachers’ efforts, saving them time and institutes money. 

More effective revision for NEET UG through practice tests

Given the limited amount of time students have to prepare for NEET UG after their board exams, teachers in coaching institutes can help them revise the syllabus better with frequent tests. However, in most coaching institutes, conducting tests involves teachers spending hours finding questions and creating exams, and then a few more days correcting the tests. As a result, the costs and efforts also increase for the coaching institutes and teachers, thus deterring them from conducting more frequent tests. 

MegaExams is an end-to-end exam software that comes with 50,000+ NEET UG questions from the top educators across the country, and which can help teachers create exams in seconds. Teachers can simply select the topics they want to cover along with the difficulty level, and the platform automatically creates the test. All tests are evaluated digitally and the platform instantly generates performance reports which teachers and students can access on the platform’s dashboard. This enables teachers to take multiple tests in greater frequency in order to make sure students get more practice and more detailed feedback to help them improve their scores. 

Measure performance improvement with customised tests

Teachers usually do not get the true picture of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses from pen and paper tests and are unable to provide them the right guidance at the right time. Digitising the exam creation and evaluation process can provide teachers the ability to help students prepare more efficiently and ensure they perform well in a competitive examination like NEET UG. 

MegaExams frees up the teachers’ time which they would earlier have spent building tests and then mechanically correcting them. This enables them to offer more personalized attention to the students using insights from the platform. After each test is evaluated, the platform provides detailed data on student performance, allowing teachers to view the performance trends for the entire class as well as individual students. 

Teachers can view a detailed analysis of how a student performed in a test, including how much time they spent on each question and the specific topics associated with the questions they answered incorrectly. This gives teachers a more accurate idea of the student’s weaknesses and enables them to identify the topics or concepts they need to focus on more. Using the platform, teachers can also create customised, subject-specific tests and assign them to individual students or groups of students. This will ensure that students get sufficient practice and revision for each topic and subject and that overall class performance and scores also improve. Further, teachers can track and compare the scores of each student to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching support provided and ensure they are overcome their weaknesses. 

MegaExams also allows teachers to compare their students’ performance and scores in these practice tests against that of toppers on a national level and compare their scores and the time taken on questions and sections. This way, teachers can get a more accurate idea of where their students stand nationally, and provide them adequate guidance and preparation to ensure they perform well in the actual examination. 

The MegaExams platform is built to deliver precise insights on student performance to help teachers give students more constructive feedback and effective coaching. It is our mission to empower teachers through technology that makes them more efficient and helps them contribute more effectively to their students’ success in competitive examinations like NEET UG. For more information on exam schedule and updates visit here