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Key Perks of Conducting Online MCQ Tests


By Mit Kotecha


January 25, 2021

There are many perks of conducting online MCQ tests. These tests are easy to set. And, they can be automated along the way as well. You can set a series of online MCQ tests on any topic. 

MCQ type tests can be a mix of true/false, multiple-choice, match the following, numerical value, among other types of questions. Today, online MCQs are similarly becoming important to gauge their progress over time.

Here are a few of the key perks of conducting online MCQ tests for the students as well as the teachers:

Easy Setting Up of Questions

The process of setting online MCQ exams is easy. You can create your questions using the multiple choice quiz maker. Or, you can also choose from the questions already present in the online database. You can set these questions on any topic you wish to test the student on. 

Get Quick Results

You can get quick results after a student takes an exam. It will appear on email or on the platform itself when using an online exam software. It is easy to keep a track of and record. When using an online exam portal to set MCQ questions, it becomes speedy and hassle-free in the long run. 

Set a Wide Variety of Questions

MCQ type of questions can be used in many different forms and ways using an online test software. You can choose to set a block of questions as well. You can use numerical value type questions to test the student’s grasp of technical calculations. Or, you can also select a fill in the blanks and 1 option correct type questions to test their factual clarity as well. Online exam software is quite versatile in this respect. 

You can also make MCQ tests where more than one option is correct. This helps you in setting up logical reasoning and verbal ability type of questions that ask students to draw inferences based on facts presented to gauge their conceptual clarity as well. 

Jumble all types of MCQs

You can set a series of tests for your students using online test software. Then, the students can complete one portion of any topic and then appear for an MCQ test on the online test software to practice their grasp over its integral concepts. This helps them understand where they stand in an exam. 

You can also use such an online exam portal to jumble up the questions so that your students cannot discuss the questions during the exam duration. It is secure and guarantees improved results. 

Track Your Student’s Progress 

You can use an online exam portal such as MegaExams to keep a track of the progress made by a student. You can do so directly on the platform. This will help you keep a track of your student’s weak areas and strong areas. They can also avail the reports instantly after appearing for the exam to ensure a quick exam process. 

Use Question Bank Available

You can use the question banks online when using a top-end online exam portal such as MegaExams. The diverse types of questions under each topic of important exams are made to improve the student’s performances to a large extent. 

There are various types of questions such as MCQ and previous years’ questions available in the reserve that can be used to create any practice test or exam on the online exam software itself. This simplifies the test creation process considerably. 

Helps in Regular Practice 

When you set long or descriptive questions you can test how well a student has understood the subjective concepts. However, subjective exams are cumbersome for the students. MCQ tests are easier and more relaxed for the students than long descriptive exams, especially when using an online exam software. 

Not only this, but online exam portals such as MegaExams also helps in creating MCQ tests in the form of short quizzes. Such 5-10 minute tests are more receptive for the students and make their progress track much more efficient. 

Accessible and Scalable

Online exam software is usually scalable and quite easy to access. This helps in setting up MCQ tests online and making regular practice easy for the students. It is also scalable and can be used to conduct a series of exams over long periods. It helps in organizing your entire testing process in one place and assists students to perform better.

Use MCQ tests for Compulsory Test Feedback

You can choose to use MCQ test formats to make feedback forms that are interactive for the students. Usually, people avoid feedback when they have to type in a lot of characters. Hence, instead of asking them to type in their feedback, an MCQ test created with a set number of questions and common responses as the options, can be used to simplify the process of feedback during any online exam.

In summary, while subjective exams are quite common and have been there for very long time in the history of education, MCQ based exams have become quite popular in the last one decade as teachers and examiners have started to understand and appreciate the perks of conducting MCQ based examinations. And platforms like MegaExams has helped teachers to conduct MCQ based exams along with subjective type questions embedded in the same question paper.