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PSC Exams

Kerala PSC: Improve class performance with digital examinations


Mit Kotecha


October 31, 2019

The Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC) conducts multiple recruitment tests throughout the year to select applicants for civil service jobs in the state of Kerala. Each year, over 50 lakh applicants attempt these examinations, making it one of the most competitive state-level tests in the country. Given the competition and vast syllabus to cover, a large number of these aspirants attend coaching institutes to get the preparation support they need to crack the exam. 

As batch sizes continue to increase each year, it becomes difficult for teachers at these coaching institutes to provide adequate time and attention to each candidate. While conducting regular tests is one of the most effective ways to improve student performance, most coaching institutes are unable to increase testing frequency due to the additional costs and time spent in creating and then correcting tests. Digital examination platforms offer a solution to this challenge by enabling teachers to automate test creation and evaluation and help improve student performance with the help of smarter and deeper insights. 

Provide more effective teaching support

Teachers in coaching institutes have to spend hours finding questions and creating exams and need a few days to correct the answer sheets. Planning and creating exams for multiple batches and coordinating schedules takes away from the time the teacher should ideally spend teaching and solving their students’ doubts. 

An online exam software like MegaExams enables teachers to optimise their time and effort by automating time-consuming tasks such as exam creation and evaluation. More importantly, it enables them to conduct tests more frequently for multiple batches. MegaExams simplifies the process of selecting questions with the help of its vast question bank that comprises a diverse range of questions sourced from leading educators, authors, and examination experts in the country. The questions cover each section and topic from the Kerala PSC exam in detail, helping teachers test students to their maximum potential while eliminating the need to go through multiple books to find questions. The question bank is also updated regularly with any changes to the PSC exam pattern, ensuring students get the most authentic preparation. 

Further, at the end of each test, the platform generates detailed performance reports that include personalized feedback on how each student scored and the time they took over each question, along with specific topics where their preparation may be lacking. This information gives both teachers and candidates an accurate picture of the present level of preparation. While teachers can better identify their students’ weaknesses and provide them the necessary guidance they need to improve their performance, the candidates can improve their accuracy increase their overall scores by attempting more practice tests.  

Improve overall scores with targeted, subject-wise practice tests

The Kerala PSC conducts separate tests to fill positions such as LDC (Lower Division Clerk), University Assistant, LGS (Last Grade Servant), etc. across various government organisations, and teaching programs in coaching institutes. Each exam includes multiple sections and several topics or sub-sections. With exam creation made easier for teachers, they can ensure that their students prepare efficiently for each subject and section by attempting as many practice tests as possible. 

Teachers can use the detailed performance reports from the dashboard to identify subjects or topics which individual students or groups of students need to work on. This information also enables the teachers to guide the students with distributing their time and focus more optimally.  Using the MegaExams platform, teachers can create customised tests on each subject from across the PSC syllabus and assign it to a particular class, an individual student, or a group of students to give them additional practice. They can also track the performance of each student to evaluate the effect of additional teaching support on their performance. 

The MegaExams platform empowers students as well by allowing them to attempt practice tests anytime and anywhere. Once a test is created and assigned to a particular student or group of students, they can take the test remotely on the device of their choice, while the teachers can access their performance reports immediately after they have submitted the test. Based on the insights, teachers can create a lesson plan ahead of the next scheduled class to help the candidates with improving their concepts and ensuring better performance in subsequent tests. Mr. Santhosh, Director of Kerala’s one of the largest PSC coaching institutes Wincentre, has been using MegaExams and read what he has to say about MegaExams and other tools he has been using to teach students effectively.