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JIPMER PG 2020: Improve students’ concepts for clinical science subjects


Mit Kotecha


November 8, 2019
megaexams is a digital examination tool to help teachers improve student preparation and performance for exams like jipmer pg

JIPMER PG is the entrance examination conducted by the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER) in Puducherry to select students admission for post-graduate programs. The exam is conducted bi-annually in the months of December and June. The examination for the January counseling session of JIPMER PG 2020 will be held on December 8, 2019. With thousands of applicants seeking admission to the institute with just 200 seats, the competition is significant as JIPMER is among the most sought-after PG medical colleges in India. 

The JIPMER PG entrance test contains questions that are more concept-oriented than those in NEET PG and demand problem-solving skills from candidates, along with a unique preparation strategy. This requires students to spend enough time on revising and strengthening their concepts at a foundational level. While teachers at coaching institutes play a crucial role in helping students prepare efficiently, they are often unable to offer them the support they need due to inconclusive results from pen and paper tests. An examination management system like MegaExams can simplify testing and make the process of creating and managing tests more efficient, while also providing immediate and deeper insights to educators to guide their teaching efforts. 

Greater efficiency in managing assessments

Coaching institutes that help students prepare for medical entrance examinations have to manage multiple batches, often comprising a large number of students. Teachers, therefore, need to plan lessons and tests for each batch meticulously to make sure that they are able to devote sufficient time to address their students’ learning needs. However, in most cases, a large portion of a teacher’s time is spent in creating and administering tests and later, in correcting them. 

MegaExams is an exam management system that offers a solution to this problem. The digital platform helps teachers become vastly more efficient by automating the entire process of creating and evaluating exams. Moreover, it also empowers them to provide more effective teaching support to students than before. Teachers can create a test in seconds and assign it to a specific batch, while students can attempt it immediately from any device and location. After the test is submitted, it is evaluated instantly and teachers and students can both access detailed performance reports from the platform dashboard. 

Improving student performance through data-driven insights

Using the MegaExams platform, teachers can make frequent assessments a part of their teaching programs by testing their students at the end of each lesson or section. This can help them identify individuals who need additional help with specific concepts or topics, more accurately and at the right time. 

For instance, the combination of subjects including Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, and Obstetrics & Gynecology account for a considerable number of questions in the JIPMER PG entrance test. Hence, teachers and students both focus on the preparation and revision of these topics to secure a good score in the examination. Teachers can create individual tests for every subject and based on the results, get a clearer picture of where each student stands. Using the information from the platform, they can create customised tests for each student, giving one of them more practice with pharmacology questions while helping another student prepare obstetrics & gynecology better. 

Further, while teachers can see how each batch or even an individual student has performed, the test-takers can find out how they scored on each question, check the correct answers with explanations, and also see the time taken on each question or section. Moreover, MegaExams helps students take their preparation for competitive examinations like JIPMER PG a step further. The platform allows students to compare their scores with those of their classmates, as well as past rank-holders and candidates from across the country to know where they stand among the competition on a national level. At the same time, teachers can get a more accurate idea of their students’ preparation level and provide them the right guidance to help improve their scores and confidence. 

While MegaExams’ digital examination platform helps teachers make testing more efficient and effective, we have also been working on developing learning solutions to help students prepare better for major competitive examinations. The ‘Anatomy by Dr. Ashwani Kumar’ app is one such solution that MegaExams has built by collaborating with Dr. Ashwani Kumar, a noted educator and Anatomy professor with 7+ years of experience. The app, containing a large collection of video lectures and content created by Dr. Kumar, covers the entire Anatomy syllabus for PG medical entrances and aims to helps students strengthen their concepts for one of the challenging subjects in the JIPMER syllabus. With tens of thousands of installs so far, the app has helped several crack PG medical entrance examinations such as NEET PG, JIPMER, and NIMHANS. 

The MegaExams platform is built to deliver deeper insights into student performance and help teachers give students more constructive feedback and effective coaching. We are committed to empowering teachers through technology that makes them more efficient and helps them contribute more effectively to their students’ success in competitive examinations like JIPMER PG. If you are a teacher looking to save time and effort and help your students perform better, please reach out to me at mit@megaexams.com so we can discuss working together.