JEE Main: Help students join their dream engineering college


Prasanth Parameswaran


September 20, 2019

JEE Main exam is the first qualifying step for students who aspire to join one of the coveted IITs. The competitive exam also helps students secure admission to NITs and IIITs, as well as regional institutes such Delhi Technological Institute, New Delhi and SVIT, Surat. With nearly 10 lakh students attempting JEE Main every year, it is the most competitive undergraduate entrance examination in India. Achieving a good rank in the exam requires efficient preparation. This is because candidates need to balance the pressure of their school-leaving exams, with JEE Main being conducted only a month after their boards. 

The success of most coaching institutes depends on how well their students perform in JEE, since the demand for entry into engineering colleges continues to rise. Teachers at these institutes face the monumental challenge of making sure their students perform better than several thousand students across India. They can be more effective in doing so by using technology-driven tools. For instance, exam management systems can boost student performance by enabling teachers to test more frequently and effectively. It also saves the teacher’s time and effort, empowering them to focus more on teaching and guiding their students. 

MegaExams is one such platform, and also offers deeper, data-driven insights that allow teachers to accurately identify weak areas among students. This enables them to intervene with the right guidance at the right time, ensuring that they get the best possible performance out of their class. 

Boost student performance with frequent tests 

Traditionally, teachers have to spend hours on mechanical and repetitive tasks like finding questions, creating tests, and correcting exams. Using MegaExams, teachers can automate the exam creation and build exams in a matter of seconds, instead of spending hours. The platform also saves them days of effort in correcting several papers mechanically. Using MegaExams, teachers and institutes can conduct more frequent tests and save a considerable amount of time and money. The platform is extremely convenient for students as well, since it allows them to take the tests from any internet-enabled device whenever they want. Teachers, therefore, can use the platform to make students take tests even when they are not present in their institute, therefore ensuring that whatever class time teachers get with their busy students is put to the most effective use.

Use high-quality questions to assess students 

MegaExams has gone through considerable efforts to build a question bank covering the extensive syllabus for major competitive exams such as JEE Main. The question bank comprising 50,000+ questions has been curated by educators and experts with years of experience and is regularly updated to reflect changes in exam patterns. These questions will challenge the students more and prepare them better for the most competitive undergraduate exam in the country, giving them an edge over your competition.

JEE Main: Monitor student progress with smart insights

The MegaExams dashboard provides feedback to both teachers and students. Teachers can access performance analytics for the overall class as well as each individual student, while candidates can track their scores and the time spent on each test or question over a period of time. Unlike before, teachers can identify weaknesses faster and more efficiently at an individual student level as well as for the overall class. 

Teachers can provide strategic and effective coaching by using these detailed insights, and prioritise topics and areas to focus on to improve their students’ performance. For instance, if a student performs well in physics but fares poorly in chemistry, the teacher can create customised tests targeting their weaknesses in chemistry. Similarly, they can also target student weaknesses for particular topics as well. For instance, if a student finds integrations difficult compared to differential equations, the teacher can create a customised test that assesses the student only that particular topic. Based on their results from these customised tests, teachers can see if the practice brought them up to speed. If it didn’t, they’ll know that the student probably needs some coaching on the concepts separately. Essentially, MegaExams enables teachers to unlock the best possible performance for their students by iteratively trying different approaches for each student and the class as a whole and tracking their progress.

Personalised attention through smart insights

The MegaExams dashboard also helps teachers compare their students’ performance with those of national toppers across India, comparing both their scores as well as the time taken. This enables teachers and students to find out where they stand among the competition. On the other hand, students can focus on improving their overall scores with the help of such quantitative data available on their level of preparation. 

MegaExams also allows teachers to compare each student’s performance in a single class. This provides them an accurate idea of where students stand competitively for the examination, enabling them to guide them to prepare better. They can help them boost their students’ preparation by conducting frequent personalised tests. Essentially, teachers and institutions are empowered by MegaExams to monitor and evaluate student performance, while also giving them the capacity to provide personalised attention that helps students do better in competitive exams like JEE Main.