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JEE Main 2020: Cracking the first step towards your dream IIT


Mit Kotecha


October 21, 2019
online practice tests can ensure effective revision for jee main 2020 and help students attempt the exam more confidently

The Joint Entrance Examination Main or JEE Main is conducted each year to select students for admissions to leading engineering colleges such as NITs, IIITs, DTU New Delhi, and SVIT Surat. A large number of these candidates include aspirants seeking admission to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology. But out of the nearly 10 lakh students who appear for JEE Main, approximately 2 lakh candidates qualify for JEE Advanced, while ultimately only around 12,000 students are admitted to the IITs each year. 

Considering the intense competition, your JEE Main preparations must be efficient in terms of how you distribute your time and coverage of the syllabus before the exam. And since you also need to balance the pressure of your 12th boards, you will only get a month’s time for your final preparations for the competitive examination. We have, therefore, put together a few tips and suggestions based on the experience of teachers and past rank-holders to help you create an actionable study plan for yourself and crack the JEE Main exam. 

Strengthen your basic concepts

No matter if you have an entire year or just a few months to prepare for JEE Main, you can only attain a good score when you have conceptual clarity related to the topics in the syllabus. Start your preparations or revision by going over the basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The NCERT books are a recommended source to strengthen your concepts, and the retained knowledge of what you have studied for your 12th boards will help you in your revisions, especially during the last few days or weeks before JEE Main.  

Mathematics, for instance, may require more frequent and a higher amount of practice since you need to solve actual problems to achieve the level of speed and accuracy required for JEE. Even if you complete all the calculus questions from your reference books by December, you need to make sure that your problem-solving skills and familiarity with the methodology are as strong in March or April too. This is where frequent practice tests will help you significantly in improving your scores and optimising your preparation by identifying gaps in your concepts at the right time. 

Attempt practice tests based on the latest JEE Main pattern

When preparing for JEE Main, an important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you get enough practice in solving the test with as many types of questions as possible. For this, make sure you use a high-quality online mock test tool that allows you to attempt multiple tests based on the latest JEE Main pattern. 

An ideal testing platform should include a collection of good quality questions from credible sources that test your conceptual understanding of topics, and also offers immediate feedback with respect to your performance. In addition, look for practice test series that allow you to customise the type of questions and difficulty level to ensure maximum coverage of the syllabus. Along with the feedback, this will allow you to identify your weak areas, work on the concerned topics, and improve your scores for it when you take the test again. Moreover, attempting frequent mock tests in shorter intervals will help you improve your speed and accuracy over time, thus enabling you to manage your overall time when appearing for the actual exam. 

Further, when attempting the mock tests, try to replicate the actual conditions of the JEE Main exam. This means you need to switch off from all possible distractions and try to complete the test within the stipulated time limit for JEE Main. This will help you concentrate better, make you more confident with each practice test, and keep your anxiety levels to a minimum on examination day. 

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