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JEE Advanced 2020: Revise more efficiently to crack your dream college


Mit Kotecha


October 14, 2019
candidates preparing for jee advanced 2020 can prepare more efficiently and achieve higher scores with frequent, online practice tests

The Joint Entrance Examination Advanced, or JEE Advanced, determines admissions for 23 IITs, 7 IISERs, and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) every year. Qualifying to appear for JEE Advanced means that you’re already halfway towards getting into your dream college, but it also means that your preparation must be ironclad in order to succeed in this competitive examination. 

Time is a crucial factor for candidates since they only have a few weeks in hand to revise the extensive syllabus soon after they receive their JEE Main scores. As the examination date approaches, students will have to plan their subject-wise preparation for JEE Advanced to successfully crack the examination. With that in mind, we have put together a few tips to help them with their preparation, based on the insights and experiences of both teachers and past top performers. 

Design a preparation strategy that works for you

A strong and practical strategy is crucial to achieving success in JEE Advanced and something that is common among most top performers. Studying past question papers and speaking to your teachers will help you identify the topics to focus on, whether in terms of the difficult concepts that you need to master or those subjects where you can score well. Speak to candidates who have attempted the test and scored a good rank to understand how they approached their preparations and what resources they used to prepare more effectively. Use these tips and insights to create your own study plan, and remember that you will be able to achieve your maximum potential with a plan that suits you and not just because it has worked for somebody else.

All candidates have their own strengths and weaknesses and it will be a significant advantage to identify yours early during your preparations. This way, you can divide your time across each subject (Physics, Chemistry, and Maths) more efficiently and devote adequate time to revise challenging topics or concepts. Some of the most important topics based on past examinations that you should know, are as follows: 

In the initial stages of your preparation, focus on clearing your concepts, and improving weak areas. Devote enough time to revise your 11th and 12th syllabus since it contributes 45% and 55% of the IIT-JEE question papers, respectively. Make sure you go through your NCERT books in sufficient detail as these books will help you strengthen your foundation and concepts for each subject. 

Practice effectively with good quality JEE Advanced mock tests 

While it is important to practice previous years’ question papers, attempting multiple mock tests will introduce you to new questions, giving you the in-depth practice that you need to achieve a good rank. Online mock tests will help you become familiar with the type of questions, distribution of marks, difficulty level, and get the experience of attempting the online test. Make sure that you find and attempt good quality online mock tests that are updated as per the latest JEE pattern. Doing so consistently while revising the subjects will help you test your retention and make you more confident in your preparation with each test that you attempt. 

Speed and accuracy are two other important factors for success in JEE Advanced. Students not only need good problem-solving skills to crack JEE, but also to solve the questions as quickly as possible. Their speed and accuracy will thus increase as they attempt more and more tests, while immediate, digitized feedback on their performance can help them identify weak areas and work on them to improve their overall scores. 
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