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Interactive teaching platform for educators


Prasanth Parameswaran


July 22, 2019

As the number of students preparing and appearing for competitive exams continues to increase each year, delivering quality coaching effectively and efficiently is becoming more difficult. At the same time, surveys taken of students show that 90% of them prefer online coaching through digital channels to offline classes. Tracking changing exam patterns and student expectations is challenging for even the best professors and educators in India.

MegaExams works with educators from across the country by helping them find solutions to some of the biggest problems they face, using technology. For most of our partners, our biggest impact comes from automating and optimizing the exam creation and evaluation process. This helps them make the teaching process easier and more efficient, making it more effective. But for professors looking to find ways to make their teaching more accessible, MegaExams has had to evolve different solutions. Providing personalized learning assistance using online exam software is one of the key solutions provided to the teachers.

India’s best anatomy lessons with an online teaching platform

Dr. Ashwani Kumar has a tough job – he teaches students Anatomy for NEET-PG, one of the most challenging subjects for a very competitive examination. He made a Facebook community to help students locate one of his popular offline lectures, but he saw the value of using the internet when 55,000 students signed up and kept asking and answering each other’s queries.

Organising these lectures involved finding a venue, hiring agencies to coordinate the lectures and transport equipment, and employing a promotional team to inform students. This involved a lot of time and effort, and a vast majority of students would be unable to attend these events as they were happening far away from them. While he was initially skeptical of the potential of using the internet for teaching as opposed to doing so in a classroom, examples of students improving their performance by using video lectures convinced him of the value.

Digitizing Anatomy

Dr. Ashwani and MegaExams came together to build a teaching platform that could be used to deliver his lectures to a broader set of students across the country so he could help them be better prepared for NEET-PG. The challenge was to find a suitable digital medium to share the content in a way that helped it reach students where they were, while allowing Dr. Ashwani to prevent piracy. After some discussion, they agreed that a mobile app was the best way to accomplish these goals.

MegaExams worked closely with Dr. Kumar to develop the ‘Anatomy by Dr Ashwani Kumar’ mobile application and launch it on Google Play and iOS App Store. The app helped Dr. Kumar minimise the cost and effort of planning and conducting offline lectures, but also increased the number of students who could attend his classes, both in India and internationally. Within three days of the app’s launch, it was trending on Google Play, recording 1,000+ downloads on the first day itself and hitting the 10,000 downloads mark within 90 days.

The teaching platform developed by MegaExams enabled Dr. Kumar to record and publish video lectures, as well as manage and monetise the content on the app. At the same time, by allowing students to subscribe to the app and access the content anytime and anywhere, he was able to help them revisit difficult concepts and topics through detailed videos.

Additionally, the custom-built application also allowed students to easily connect with their teacher through an in-app chat feature or by simply adding a comment on the videos. Using this feature, Dr. Kumar was able to give individual attention to the students by live streaming sessions to answer questions posted by each learner on the app.

Dr. Varsha Narayanan, a NEET-PG aspirant shared her experience of using the app, “I have had the privilege of being taught Anatomy by Dr. Ashwani Kumar. As a young doctor preparing for entrance exams, the idea of tackling a subject as vast as Anatomy had me terrified. I had no idea whatsoever of how to go about with my preparations after a 4-year break. Ashwani sir’s teaching made me see a logical and easy way to remember anatomy. Through his lectures, I realised that it was not about mugging up textbooks, but about understanding concepts. His teaching experience clearly shows in the way he explains each topic, the detailed schematic diagrams and flowcharts, as well as the interactive nature of his classes. In a matter of three days, he simplified Anatomy for me like never before. He understands the nature of the exams and the psyche of the students and offers really valuable guidance. I have benefitted a lot from his classes and am sure that students from all over India will love his simple yet effective style of teaching and benefit from his wisdom and experience.”

Since the app’s launch, we have continued to work with Dr. Ashwani Kumar to provide support on introducing new updates and features on the app with the aim to ensure that the content is relevant, engaging, and easily accessible.