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YouTube for Live and recorded lectures


Play your YouTube Live/Pre-recorded videos without leaving MegaExams

Why Youtube?

  • Use the live feature provided by YouTube to conduct live classes for students. Also, Youtube is one of the easiest to use tools available
  • As YouTube has a massive outreach, it helps teachers and educational institutions to cater to a wide and mass audience
  • YouTube also allows teachers to upload an unlimited number of videos for Free, and allows students to watch videos without any restrictions

YouTube + MegaExams

  • Conducting regular tests and quizzes along with online classes has made students more active in online classes and enhanced the learning process
  • Organize every important feature required in teaching, such as objective and descriptive exams, live classes, recorded videos of lectures, study materials, student report cards, etc. in One platform i.e. MegaExams
  • List all scheduled live classes on MegaExams in an organized manner. Include a description of the topics that are being covered, teacher name and time and date. 
  • Students can join the live classes at the scheduled time and this would ensure that students never miss a class
  • Students won’t have to visit YouTube separately to access the videos and classes. All the learning can happen only in One platform.

How to use YouTube with MegaExams

YouTube live

  • Start a live video on Youtube and copy the link
  • Add the copied link on MegaExams’ Live class listing section
  • That’s all! Schedule the class and assign it to a batch and get going!

YouTube Video

  • Upload a video to YouTube with the privacy setting “Public” or “Unlisted”. Public videos will be available on Youtube publicly. Unlisted videos can be viewed only by students who have the link to the video, which makes it a secure way of sharing video with your students as the link will not be publicly available and can only be played within MegaExams’ portal.
  • Add the link to the YouTube video under a video folder within the video tab. To enable video feature on your account, please reach out via support chat.
  • Videos can be connected to a batch and the videos will be visible for the batch.


Users need to have a YouTube channel in order to start a Live online class