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Vimeo for Live/Pre-recorded classes


Host your Live/Pre-recorded videos without leaving MegaExams

Why Vimeo?

  • Host recorded and live videos of high quality through the Vimeo platform without any ads.
  • With a  feature of flexible storage options and easy to use, teachers can set up, access, and share the videos from anywhere
  • Vimeo can also be used to conduct live classes using their premium plan along with recorded video streaming

Vimeo + MegaExams

  • Conduct daily tests and quizzes along with online classes to make students more interested in online classes
  • Ensure a smooth teaching experience by organizing all learning resources on one platform, and keep students updated about everything
  • Students can access quizzes, live classes, documented lecture videos, study materials, report cards, etc. from anywhere, and anytime
  • Students won’t have to visit any other app separately to access the videos and classes. All the learning can happen only on One platform

How to use Vimeo with MegaExams

Live class

  • Start a live video on Vimeo and copy the link code
  • Add the copied link code on MegaExams’ Live class listing section
  • That’s all! Schedule the class and assign it to a batch and get going!

Recorded classes

  • Upload a recorded video on Vimeo and copy the link code
  • Add the copied link code on under a video bundle
  • Assign the video bundle to a batch and get going!


Vimeo account in order to start a live class or host recorded video. You can check out the various plans offered by Vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/upgrade