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Google Meet for Live online class


Schedule and list live classes in MegaExams using Meet

Why Google Meet?

  • Organize live meetings, conferences, classes with its simple interface and an easy to set up system
  • Students are able to join the meeting by just clicking on the link
  • It is Free, and widely used by educators across the world

MegaExams + Google meet

  • Schedule and organize live classes on Megaexams by listing Google meet sessions with details like teacher name, date, and time. These sessions can be assigned to any batch of students along with reminders, ensuring that students do not miss a class
  • Conduct regular exams along with Live classes to continuously assess and keep track of students’ learning curve. Online classes followed by regular quizzes and assignments on MegaExams’ platform helps increase students’ involvement level and learning process as well
  • Set-up live doubt clearing sessions with students after every exam on MegaExams, which can help teachers assess the effectiveness of teaching
  • In addition to Live classes, assessments/exams, teachers can also share recorded videos, study materials, Home-work using MegaExams, All-In-One platform, providing a better learning experience

How to use Google Meet via MegaExams

  • Step 1: Start a live video on Google Meet and copy the link of the Live class
  • Step 2: Paste the copied link under the live class listing section in the MegaExams platform
  • Step 3: Include other class details like tutor and description in the listing
  • Step 4: Schedule the class and assign it to a batch and get going!


  • An active Gmail account in order to start a google meet live video call
  • Free or paid google subscription (if the class consists of more than 100 students).
  • Any device with video and audio capabilities.

    Refer to various google meet plans here –https://apps.google.com/meet/pricing/