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Google Form for surveys and feedback


Why are teachers using Google forms?

  • Google form is widely used by teachers to conduct surveys, collect students’ responses, etc.
  • Evaluate the efficacy of their teaching, course content, assignment, by using it as a feedback form

Google forms + MegaExams 

  • Add the link to the feedback form made using google form on MegaExams’ platform where teachers conduct online exams, quizzes, live classes and, share study materials and assignments, etc. 
  • This helps teachers as they would not have to send the forms separately and also students would be able to fill it immediately after attending the lecture, taking the quiz, or completing the assignment. All-in-One platform for both teachers and students

How to use Google Forms with MegaExams?

  • Add the link to the Google form on MegaExams’ portal under the activity section
  • Students can access the same from their personalized account and would be able to fill the form with a click of a button


  • A Gmail account in order to create a Google form

    Create a google form using this link: forms.google.com