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Organize classwork and MegaExams’ test links in Google classroom

Why Google Classroom?

  • Connect with learners online, manage online classes, upload study material, create and grade assignments, and share feedback and grades.
  • Works effectively with Google Docs, Slides, Drive, and other Google tools

MegaExams + Google Classroom

  • Create all your quizzes and exams on MegaExams platform, and link these quizzes/exams in Google Classroom account along with a description.
  • Teachers can also link Google classroom on MegaExams’ account, and give access to online classes and all other resources on MegaExams’ platform. This will ensure that students don’t miss any class or exam.
  • Students are already familiar with various Google tools, this integration would be seamless and would enhance the learning experience.

How to use Google Classroom via MegaExams?

Google Classroom and MegaExams can be used together in multiple ways. Following are the most effective use-cases:

  • Institute branded account created using MegaExams can be listed in Google Classroom to give students access to exams
  • Google classroom link can be added to the activities section in your Institute branded MegaExams account to ensure accessibility.
  • Individual exam links can be added to Google classroom to have all in one place.


  • A Gmail account in order to use Google classroom