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IBPS PO: Helping students make the cut-off to become bankers


Prasanth Parameswaran


October 11, 2019
MegaExams helps coaching institutes and teachers give students strategice practice with personalised tests to improve scores

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (Probationary Officer) Exam, 2019, known as IBPS PO 2019, will be used to select Probationary Officers and Management Trainees for 52 Indian banks and is the best possible way for aspirants to start their banking careers in India. These 52 banks include leading Public Sector banks such as Bank of Baroda (BoB), Punjab National Bank (PNB), and Canara Bank, leading co-operative banks, and even private banks such as Axis Bank and ING Vysya Bank. 

Cracking the exam allows successful candidates to become Probationary Officers or Management Trainees at the banks, giving them the opportunity to rise to the ranks in a lucrative career in India’s financial sector. Banking jobs are seen as stable, rewarding, and are sought after by many young Indians. This makes the exam extremely competitive – over 20 lakh students apply to write the examination for only around 4000 seats. 

The examination tests candidates on their fundamentals of subjects they are already familiar with and does not require them to learn new concepts. Students, however, face a challenge with how they approach these questions and apply their concepts effectively to answer them with maximum accuracy. The best way to prepare students for IBPS PO 2019 is giving them enough practice to aid them in becoming familiar with the format and the nature of the questions in this highly competitive examination. Speed, accuracy, and comfort with the exam pattern help candidates do better in the examination, greatly improving their odds of making the cut-off.

Improving speed and accuracy

Practicing regularly helps candidates improve their speed and accuracy, which is very important in exams such as IBPS PO. It makes the question and examination patterns more familiar, which helps students who have practiced diligently go through the question paper faster and get more answers right. It also helps prevent nervousness or anxiety getting the better of candidates with potential. More practice can also help students not accustomed to answering specific question-types and questions from specific topics get comfortable with the examination setting.

Helping candidates with personalised practice

Familiarity and habit are the biggest challenges in helping candidates prepare for the IBPS PO. The examination is open to all graduates which means that classes are full of students with very different backgrounds and skill-sets. For coaching institutes and teachers, bringing a varied group of arts, humanities, engineering, and other graduates together to solve quantitative, linguistic, and reasoning problems can be difficult. Students will have different strengths and weaknesses, and giving the same practice exam to them will invariably result in sub-optimal outcomes. Arts and humanities students may need more practice with quantitative questions, for instance. 

MegaExams enables teachers and institutes to create a large number of exams by automating exam creation, and uses its high-quality question bank to ensure that students are well-prepared for the examination. Further, it allows teachers to personalise exams to the weaknesses of every student, helping them get better together as a class even though they have different skill-sets and strengths. Since the exam requires students to meet an overall and even a sectional cut-off, candidates have to perform in all 3 subjects to make the grade.

The MegaExams’ dashboard provides smart feedback to teachers, giving them an insight into each students’ performance in tests. Teachers can design personalised exams for each student, pushing them to practice specific topics strategically to improve their scores. This is a huge help to teachers and students alike. The personalisation helps save teachers time and effort, and gives students the best possible preparation to get the scores they need across different sections to get the banking job they desire.

The IBPS PO exam is computerised, but a large number of coaching institutes still end up using pen-and-paper tests for practice. Candidates who have prepared using digital tests for this exam will end up being more familiar and comfortable with the actual examination, and are thus likely to perform better. Coaching institutes and teachers looking to give their students an edge in the IBPS PO 2019 exam should seriously consider making the switch to digital exams to give their students the best possible preparation – and save substantial amounts of time and money!