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How to increase attention span of students in online teaching


Mit Kotecha


July 9, 2020
Engaging students in online classes

The world has shifted all events, chores, and activities online. The online shift also includes learning and overall education. Part of this has to be attributed to coronavirus, and part of it is attributed to the ease that internet learning brings to life. 

Here’s what parents and teachers need to make peace with- internet learning is here to stay. A more formal term for internet learning would be home education– where teachers are teaching students via an online medium with students remaining in the confines of their home. But there are no two ways about it; online teaching will become the new norm in the realm of education. A lot of teachers are dead against it but guess what, we have no other option to sustain education, and hence, we will have to learn to embrace online learning. It is facilitated by tools like Zoom, Google Classrooms, Cisco Webex, amongst many others for online classes and platforms like MegaExams to conduct online quizzes and tests. 

However, the biggest worry that parents and teachers have is regarding the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the internet and other devices. The risk is extensive due to the internet as the chances of reduction in attention span are higher. With online teaching, keeping the attention span of students throughout the lecture can be a challenge.

As a teacher, we tell you four easy ways on how to keep students engaged in online teaching. 

Give regular breaks

Many students have a problem with staying alert and have a short attention span. To deal with this, a teacher can opt for giving regular breaks to students. Teachers can consider giving breaks after explaining a particular topic to help relax the students’ mind and regain alertness. 

During these small breaks, teachers can give little exercises to students which will increase students’ attention in class . Activities like doodling are beneficial in this. 

Regularly take short quizzes

Instead of full-blown tests, start taking short quizzes on a regular basis in the online class. Quizzes are fun, exciting and keep students’ attention for a longer period. They also help students indulge in a healthy competition which prevents their minds from wandering away. MegaExams has convenient and easy to use pre-loaded quizzes on hundreds of topics that you can use while online teaching.

Quizzes by MegaExams will keep the students’ interest level high and make them more susceptible to learning. At the same time, these quizzes will act as an online tool to help you assess how much of a topic did the students understand– all the while having fun. And, frequent quizzes will also let you know if the attention span of a student has improved or not. 

Reward them for little achievements

Small rewards can act as motivation during an online class for students. Start a habit of rewarding your pupils with online certificates or online achievement badges. Bonuses like this will make them look forward to learning and increase their attention span by leaps and bounds. Achievements could be anything from completing their online assignment on time to making an extra effort into education.

Teach subjects with real-life examples

Real-life examples are highly placed in the list of teachers’ resources. It is one of the best tools to teach students which creates vibrancy in an online class which tends to become dull at times. Include real-life stories of real achievers, successful people, or even your own personal encounter. This will make students more attentive to online lectures.

Focus on video-based learning

It is a fact that visual cues hold our attention for more time than mere words. Integrate videos in online teaching to make learning more fun and lively. The chances are that your students will be better received, who will ultimately have an increased attention span. You could also use interesting videos during breaks as non-teaching activities to keep them engaged.

Quizzes by MegaExams can help teachers in their journey with online teaching. A frequent quiz-taking habit will challenge the student’s mind to make them more focused and receptive to learning.