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How to Foster Engagement with Students & Make Your Online Teaching Better?


Mit Kotecha


October 28, 2020
How to Foster Engagement with Students & Make Your Online Teaching Better

In today’s world, teaching as a profession has been severely affected due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. There was a series of lockdowns that limited the students and teachers to the confines of their homes. However, learning must never stop nor stagnate. Hence, the need to shift to digital teaching methods is integral for the classes to go on without any change.


Many educational institutions carry out regular classes using video conference platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. However, these platforms cannot be used to conduct exams. It is not secure nor can you track the performance of a student in a test using such a platform. This risk is mitigated by using a new age online exam software such as MegaExams.

The old system of education was the one where the teacher remained at the helm of affairs during the teaching session. The students had to adhere to the norms set by the teacher. There were enough physical interactions and discussions. However, the pandemic has taken away this very essence of a classroom. It creates more problems for a teacher than for the students.

Make Your Online Teaching Experience Better

There are various ways in which you can make your online teaching experience better. For a teacher, online teaching can be difficult at first. The students refuse to cooperate with you. There may be frequent connection issues. All these factors make the teacher less in control over the students in an online class. It is so because it is the students who have the basic idea to deal with tech-related issues that creep into video sessions. This issue adversely affects your online teaching experience.

Here are a few ways in which teachers can improve their online teaching experience without much hassle:

Engage with the Students

Many teachers prefer to use online platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, among others, to take their share of online classes. However, there are many issues as far as conducting online exams on such platforms are concerned. There is no way to know for a fact whether or not the students are picking up the right concepts. For this reason, online exams are just as necessary.

Teachers must first create a strong virtual presence during an online teaching session. In this way, you will be able to show your students that you are both visible and available for support. You should also provide them with an option to stay connected to you after the class has ended.

You may also engage with your students on online forums and social media regularly. These channels are quite popular nowadays and help in sharing information quite readily. This interaction will encourage the students to participate more. It will help teachers from a close-knit bond with the students as well. The key is to communicate effectively.

Easy Access to Study Material

You can create study material for your students to complement the teachings of the online class. Using online exam software allows the teachers to set and distribute study material among the students on the platform with no work at all. These materials must also be easy to access and freely available on the internet.

You may also record the online lectures alongside streaming it with the students in the class. It is required for students who do not have a stable internet and for students who live in far off areas with no working internet. These recorded classes help the students finish the syllabus at their own pace without missing out on any of the online lectures.

Another way in which you can foster better engagement with your students is by creating short videos on various topics of interest. It is much better than a simple voice recording. Few reports suggest that videos in which the person is physically present are way more engaging for the student than mere text-on-screen videos. These videos may also contain charts and figures to assist the students to grasp tough concepts they might have missed out on during the usual class.

All of these study materials must be uploaded in an open and online storage platform such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. These study materials can also be uploaded on MegaExams, to provide an All-in-One platform solution to students. You can also provide the students with additional files and references if necessary. In this way, you can keep all the class related information organised for future use.

Create Student Activities

Unless the students participate willingly in online classes, their learning curve will flatten with due time. Students tend to lose interest in a class that is not engaging. When online classes are coupled together with engaging student activities, like quizzes, discussions, opinion polls, short tests, among others, the quality of learning improves.

Give Regular Feedback

As a teacher, you need to provide regular feedback to the students to create a better learning experience. You can resolve their queries and doubts during this feedback and understand if they need more help with any particular portion. Feedback is one of the few things that have remained the same even after the online shift in education. Your feedback will help to create an interactive online learning experience. You can optimise the process for the feedback by using online exam software as well.

Monitor Student Performance

One of the main concerns of online teaching is tracking the progress and performance of the students in a class. It can be quite complex for a teacher to gauge the progress of a student with an online shift in education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can simply monitor a student’s progress with the use of online test software.

The online exam software creates reports after every exam for every student and sends them directly to the teacher. With the insights you receive from the online exam software, you can provide accurate feedback to your students allowing them to learn to the best of their abilities.


Online teaching has become very popular among students as well as teachers. Most of today’s educational institutions have shifted their classes to an easily accessible online platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Adopting online teaching poses multiple challenges to teachers to conduct online classes, and improving overall teaching experience and students’ engagement are major problems to solve for teachers. While teaching and video lectures can be done on Zoom, Google meet or YouTube, but an online exam software like MegaExams can help teachers to improve students’ engagement and provide end-to-end learning All-in-One platform by creating various activities for students, distributing study materials, giving feedback to the students, monitoring their progress, etc.