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How Online Test Software Is Transforming Education for Teachers & Students?


Mit Kotecha


October 28, 2020
How Online Test Software Is Transforming Education for Teachers & Students

With the spread COVID-19, use of technology has become much more significant. The rise of technology has had a remarkable impact on students and teachers alike. Many sectors such as education, finance, manufacturing and hospitality use technology to create a sustainable work environment at home. In education, these platforms provide ease of use and universal access.


In today’s world, there are crores of students who are accessing education using the internet due to the spread of the pandemic. Platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom are regularly used to deliver online classes. And it is not just the classes that have shifted online. The students also have to appear for online exams and seminars from time to time.

An easy-to-use online exam software such as MegaExams makes online exams safe, secure, reliable, quicker and easy for both the teachers and students. These online test software help teachers in understanding if the students are grasping the concepts delivered in the class and assess their performance.

Is an Online Test Software required?

The current pandemic has changed the way we know education than what it was about a year ago. Classes have shifted to online platforms. Online courses are growing in popularity. The need to use online exam software to carry out exams is becoming evident day by day. An online exam software enables the teacher to create exams, receive reports and make practice tests for the students from the ease of their homes.  

An online test software ensures a simplified exam process with fast, error-free checking. It comes with a wide range of features such as quick registration, several timing options, randomising options and an easy to use interface. You can also receive the results as soon as the exam has ended with no delay. There are various practice tests and answer explanations for the students as well.

Over the years, many teachers have used online test software to conduct exams. Teachers can assess how much a student has learnt in class using this software. You can also track a student’s performance from exam to exam. And, it requires no human effort in the process of the exam at large. Hence, we can safely state that online test software is an integral part of the education sector as of today.

What are the Advantages of using Online Exam Software?

There is a wide range of benefits of using online test software to conduct exams for your institution. Most of these benefits stem from the use of new technology in such softwares. These positives make online exam softwares arguably better than the age-old exams methods we have been using since the dawn of time. A few of them have been discussed in the paragraphs below:

No Logistical Issues

Using online test software eliminates most of the logistical issues that come with exams. Such softwares can also customise exams for educational institutes without any problem. The result checking method is free from errors. And, the teachers receive a detailed report after the exam process is over.

More Convenient than Traditional Exam

The traditional pen and paper exam involves a hectic process. It includes registering the students before the exam, invigilating during the exam, checking the answer scripts, declaring the results, etc. Using online test software makes this entire process fast and smooth. You can also remove any human error by using online exam software.

Easy for Students

Using online exam software makes exams easy for students. It is particularly true for students who live far away from exam centres. It removes the need to travel miles to reach the venue. Using online test software makes exam registration quick and easy.

The long-drawn registration and verification process before an exam is often tiring for a student. Using online exam software effectively solves this problem. It saves time and effort for students as well as teachers.

Easy to Manage

Any exam process involves many different phases that can be tough for an institution to manage. This process is usually stressful and tedious. Online exam software streamlines this process and makes it easier to manage. With only a small demo, teachers can set up for an exam. The registration process, exam process and evaluation are directly taken care of by the platform. You, as a teacher, may choose to upload the questions and select from a wide range of question types for each exam.

Scalable and Efficient

These softwares are scalable and efficient in use. Teachers, as well as students, can use it whenever and from wherever they want to. It is mobile and requires only an internet connection to work. It is efficient in giving you secure and reliable exam access anywhere you are.

User Friendly

These softwares are user-friendly and easy to use by anyone without any tech knowledge. You can work with a variety of question types and upload questions in bulk. You can also create custom tests for your students with easy scheduling. These tests come with browser tolerance, online invigilation, quick result and report features.


An online test software is affordable. These are quick and simple as compared to the traditional exam method using pen and paper. This online test software can be used on any device such as a computer or a mobile phone. And, it works round the clock with no human error or involvement. It is also more convenient to use.

Report and Analysis

The most important part of an exam is the declaration of results. After an exam, MegaExams creates a detailed report about the performance of each of your students. It makes it easier for the teacher to easily keep a track of a student’s growth over a period. These reports are analytical and can be used to point out a student’s strengths and weaknesses. It also helps the teacher understand whether or not the student has understood the class.


Education may not change the world, but education changes people. And, people change the world. In the world today, the spread of the COVID-19 virus has created havoc for the usual classroom form of education. This is a huge problem for teachers and students alike.

Any ordinary video conference service can help you conduct daily classes. But, it fails to help teachers assess how well the students are grasping the concepts. You may not be able to track the growth and progress of a student using such softwares. However, if you use online exam software, you can track the growth and performance of a student with ease.

Online test software help students appear for exams without having to travel to the exam centre amidst this pandemic. It also removes all the pre-exam issues and gives a quick evaluation. Reports about the exam are sent directly to the teacher. There is no contact needed between the students and the teacher for the exam process to run smoothly.