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How Online Examination Software Is Helping Schools, Colleges & Universities?


By Mit Kotecha


November 18, 2020

India has one of the fastest-growing youth populations in the world. This makes education one of the most important sectors at large. With the COVID-19 pandemic this year, education has undergone a paradigm shift. Old, conventional teaching methods and physical class-based curriculum have frayed. New, online teaching methods have continued to rise. Education at large is expanding far and wide.


In today’s world, many educational institutions are using technology to bridge the gap between the teachers and the students. Teachers are conducting online classes using online video conference platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom for discussions.

The issue remains about what to do as far as online exams are concerned. There are various online exam softwares that you can use to conduct online exams. MegaExams is one such open-source platform.

There are a lot of benefits of using an online test software. Online exam software helps schools and colleges to maintain their exam schedules. And, maintain a secure and safe exam setup. These online test softwares are quite easy to access and mostly free to use. These are often better than pen and paper exams.

The following are the few main benefits of using an online exam software to conduct online exams:

Safe Exam Process

Using an online test softwares allows the teachers flexibility in the setting of the questions. There are usually multiple types of supported questions. You can choose both subjective as well as MCQ type questions. And, once these questions have been uploaded, the order can be randomised. This prevents students from cheating during the exam. There is also minimal human interference in the exam process. This limits the work for the teachers considerably.

Fast Result Processing

If you use an online exam software to conduct an online test, you can check the answers as soon as the test has been taken by the students. You can access the results and answers from anywhere depending on your convenience. In a pen and paper test, there are a lot of steps involved. This makes the exam process complicated making it prone to human errors. There is no human error in result processing when using an online test software. And, there is no delay as well.

Easy to Access

The traditional way of conducting an exam involves various processes. This includes student registration, roll number generation, invigilation, checking of answer scripts, etc. But, using an online exam software simplifies this cumbersome process. The exam can be conducted from anywhere and at any time. Teachers can set the questions and check the answer scripts from anywhere. The students can appear for the exam from anywhere as well. When an exam is conducted online, all the students can appear for the exam without the need to travel to the exam centre. This greatly reduces the cost of the exam and makes it more accessible. Anyone with a stable internet connection can take such exams.

Reduced Logistical Issues

In a pen and paper exam, there are various logistical issues. The logistical cost is high. A lot of factors such as finding a secure exam centre, hiring invigilators, answer key generation, etc, has to be looked into. The question papers, answer sheets need to be delivered to the exam centre within a defined time. And, there also needs to be a system to collect the answer sheets from the exam centre before the papers are checked. This creates a multitude of problems for schools and colleges.

There are no logistical costs when taking an online exam. The only expense is for registering on an online test software. There is no logistical hassle as well. The method to set questions is easy. Anyone with a little know-how of the platform can use it. This is beneficial when you are looking to conduct an exam for a large number of students at different locations. The processing of results is also done online greatly limiting the logistical cost.

Different Types of Questions Supported

There are many online examination websites in the market today. Most of these platforms are free and easy to use. However, a few online exam softwares such as MegaExams provides you with some great extended features. You can set a mixed bag of questions. You can opt from MCQ type questions or subjective type questions that are already present on the platform. Or, you can also set your questions for the online exam. These questions can range from charts, figures, diagrams, tables, equations, code, short notes, among others. The students can choose to answer the questions on a piece of paper and scan the answers or they can directly type the answers on the platform.

Reduced Cost of Examination

Online exams are way more affordable than traditional pen and paper exams. Using an online exam software limits the cost per candidate to around Rs. 10 to Rs. 50 depending on the number of students taking the exam. This price would shoot up to ten folds when using an offline exam method. Thus, the online exam software makes the test process cheaper and more feasible than the conventional pen and paper exams.

Several Practice Questions Available

Using an online exam software is beneficial for the students as well. A few of the online test softwares like MegaExam comes with a set of practice questions for all the topics on the platform. These practice sets of questions can be used by the students to attempt and practice before the actual exam. The teachers can also keep a track of these tests. And, choose to assign practice tests as homework if need be.

Smooth Result Analysis and Reporting

It is easy to process results using an online exam software. The results are immediately sent to the teacher after the exam has been taken by a student. These results are usually detailed. It outlines all the weak and strong areas of the student. And, help the teachers keep a track of the students progress without any effort. The online exam can provide detailed result analysis, rankings, topic wise analysis, etc. It is also very helpful for further decision making or shortlisting processes.

SummaryOnline exam software is incredibly helpful for schools, colleges and universities. These platforms provide dedicated exam services and proper guidance to the teachers and educational institutes. The cost of the exam is less and there is no logistical issue involved. Anyone with only a little understanding of technology can use this platform. Students can use the platform from anywhere only with a basic internet connection. There are several positives of using such an online test software. These include easy access, smooth exam processes, reliable result processing, reporting, etc.