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Should I use Google forms or online exam software?


Mit Kotecha


July 11, 2020
Benefits of Online Exam Tools

The adoption of online learning in the current times has shaken up the entire education industry. Many teachers have been proponents of online teaching for a long time. The present situation has pushed teachers to adopt online tools for teaching.

The revolutionary online teaching tools have been the ones for online classes and online exams or online quiz.

For online classes, platforms like Zoom, Google Classrooms, Cisco, among many others are being used while online exams are seeing a lot of contenders. Initially, Google form exam or quiz was being used by teachers to conduct online student evaluation. However, the many loopholes in the Google form pattern made it an erratic option for an online quiz.

Why choose an inconvenient survey tool for online tests when you can use a specialised tool recommended by industry stalwarts?

Google forms are ideally used for surveys, polls, research, and analysis among the population. Its use in conducting exams was surprising.

As an alternative, MegaExams designed its online exam software to deal with all shortcomings faced by teachers when conducting online student evaluations via exams/tests. MegaExams clearly had the edge over Google forms. The following table explains how.

FeatureGoogle FormMegaExamsConclusion
SecurityAnyone with a password can log inOnly registered students can log inMegaExams -a secure exam portal
Time regulationNo time regulatorExam duration decided/regulated by the teacherGoogle forms don’t have time-bound exams
SeriousnessThe survey-like feeling while attempting examA real-time feeling of an examMegaExams’ interface allows for a serious, and real exam feel to it
Exam result
Result generation takes time Immediate result generationSave time with instant result generation. Best suitable
Result analysisNo analysis toolDetailed analytical report of a student’s answersAn analysis helps in overcoming weaknesses and better teaching
Ease of checkingNeed extra space on Drive to store answersOne-stop shop for all exam/test needsWith MegaExams, no need to juggle between software
No. of tests allowedNew test has to be created every timeUnlimited practice tests allowedNo capping on practice tests with MegaExams
Question bankNo question bank. Teachers have to find questions manuallyVast question with over 5Lac questions to choose fromPre-loaded questions reduce half of the teachers’ woes
Time takenEach question and answer options have to be typed outJust choose questions, no time spent typing questionsSave time to spend on actual teaching activities
Test assignmentThe same exam is available for all studentsMany groups of students can take different sets of examsMegaExams’ interface prevents cheating/ use of unfair means

While it may be true that teachers highly appreciate Google forms for testing as it allows teachers to take subjective/descriptive exams; a feature of online exam which MegaExams does not currently boast of. Administering subjective tests is next on MegaExams’ big list. Nevertheless, the array of features now on MegaExams gives teachers the best online testing experience.