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Digitising exams to improve teacher efficiency


Prasanth Parameswaran


July 22, 2019
Digitising Exams to Improve Teacher's Efficiency

For most of the world, a teacher’s job is perceived as classroom instruction. What is less obvious is the rest of the work that they do. A lot of their work lies beneath the surface – the preparation, the research, the teaching plan, creating examinations, correcting them, and monitoring the performance of their students. Ideally, they should spend the majority of their time at work thinking about teaching. Unfortunately, teacher efficiency is reduced drastically since most of their day is spent in doing work which doesn’t make them more effective in classroom instruction.

A day in the life of a teacher

The hours in a day the teacher spends instructing students in the classroom is like an iceberg – 90% of the work involved lies beneath the surface. Outside the classroom, educators have to make lesson plans, track their progress in terms of topic coverage, organise examinations, draft questions for them, evaluate old exams, prepare feedback, and answer student queries. In addition to all this, they also have to maintain records that track student results and performance and are responsible for providing some degree of personalised attention to needy students.

With all this work, the amount of time and attention these educators can dedicate to teaching suffers. Hiring support staff is one alternative, but it comes with its own challenges – in addition to the added cost of a salary and the time taken in training, it is possible that the staff will miss some important information or not know what to look for. While spending time writing out results in report cards isn’t a very productive use of a teacher’s time, they must have this data accessible so that they can teach accordingly.

Exam Management Systems: the solution for greater teacher efficiency?

The ideal solution is one which helps the teacher in doing the most important parts of their work, and removes the effort involved in doing the laborious parts of it. That’s where an Exam Management System comes in – these systems can digitise and automate how exams are conducted and evaluated, saving the teacher’s precious time. It also removes the possibility of errors, usually tracks results automatically, and can save teachers hours of effort and thousands of rupees.

Some exam management systems go even further. MegaExams’ proprietary and top-quality question bank makes exam creation easy, relying upon 500K+ questions organised by topic and difficulty, perfect for India’s most popular competitive exams. It also makes tracking individual and batch performance easier with a powerful user-friendly dashboard which not only shows performance trends, but identifies weak areas, benchmarks performance against internal and national toppers, and provides actionable insights to students and teachers.

The idea behind Online Exam Management Systems is enabling teachers and educators across the country to focus on what they do best – teaching and preparing students for their academic challenges. MegaExams is doing that and more with a set of powerful features designed to make examinations effortless while providing teachers the support and information they need to empower themselves to teach smarter and educate their students better.

Dr. Rahul Rajeev, Academic Director, DAMS Calicut, said, “With the medical PG entrance examination system going online, we were seeing an increasing demand from our students for a simulated model for preparation and self-assessment. MegaExams proved to be the simplest and most efficient way for us to shift to an online testing environment and we found the software very easy to integrate into our coaching system. The MegaExams team provided complete assistance with onboarding and helped us with conducting exams in a hassle-free manner. To our pleasant surprise, we have faced no technical problems since we began using the platform.

MegaExams’ automated, end-to-end examination platform definitely saved a lot of our time that would otherwise be spent on manually evaluating answer sheets and compiling results. The team was also more than willing to make any modifications to the process of conducting as per our needs and promptly addressed each query from our students regarding the platform’s functionality. Our students are extremely satisfied with MegaExams and we can say this without any hesitation that the solution has given a huge boost to our institute.”

Mr. Muni Darshan V.G., Academic Director at Fortune IAS Academy, says, “Until the last two years, conducting and evaluating exams offline drained crucial resources that could be used to enhance teaching support to students. With MegaExams’s online examination platform, we were able to completely transform how the institute approached testing and assessment while saving a significant amount of time and costs. More importantly, we were able to provide our students with the preparation support they deserved. The platform allowed them to access practice sessions and attempt customised mock tests anywhere and anytime, and also instantly view the results detailing both their strengths as well as areas of improvement.”

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