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Using MegaExams

Digital learning technology for personalised teaching


Prasanth Parameswaran


August 26, 2019
Digital Learning Technology For Personalised Teaching

Our current educational method makes teachers interact with students in batches. Multiple students are taught at a standard pace. While teachers try and interact with students personally to give them the attention they need, this becomes difficult when the number of students reaches double digits. Large curriculums and tight timelines prevent them from focusing on individual students. Digital learning technology allows teachers to get analysis at an individual level for students, enabling them to personalise their efforts and giving students the customised guidance they need to improve their performance. 

Such technology-assisted solutions require digital examinations. Traditional paper-based tests only provide an insight into the student’s overall performance, given the time teachers have at hand. An important opportunity to assess the student’s weaknesses and allow the teacher to use their experience and provide effective tips to fill critical gaps in their understanding is lost. Comprehensive, digitised teaching and examination solutions add value to both students and teachers by enabling both to grab such opportunities. 

Digital learning technology empowers both students and teachers

Digital learning tools enable students to learn independently from the educator, allowing them to pace themselves, learn in a more interactive fashion, and suit their own learning styles. For instance, educators can record their classes. Students can access these videos to revisit key subjects and topics to understand them better, being less reliant on notes or their memory. Further, digital learning and online exam software allow for self-assessment and give feedback that can help students improve upon their own.

This doesn’t mean that the teacher’s role is lessened; in fact, it is enhanced. Technology-driven tools make teachers more efficient. Platforms such as MegaExams not only provide educators instant access to information on student progress but also eliminate the burden of creating and administering tests. This helps them move away from an examination-focused approach to an instruction-focused approach, enabling them to provide conceptual clarify and focus on each individual student’s progress by addressing topics and concepts at a fundamental level.

These technologies also empower teachers in other ways. Digital examinations on MegaExams can be customized by the teacher to address the specific needs of a student, targeting their weaknesses and measuring their performance over time. The level of data on how they give their examination – including the time taken to answer the question, and how toppers performed in the same question – helps them use their experience to craft a customized learning path and provide personalized learning assistance.

Students can also leverage customizable tests to empower their own preparations. Once the MegaExams student dashboard helps them identify a topic they are weak in, they can pull out questions of varying difficulty multiple times until they can become confident that they have mastered the subject. These features of an online exam software also have the potential to make exam-taking addictive for students to ensure rigorous practice.

Classes and batches don’t get educated, individuals do. The concept of a personal tutor or tuitions remains popular in India because educational institutions are often unable to provide the kind of personalized attention students need. MegaExams helps bring the personalized attention of tutoring to educational institutions of varying sizes, addressing the needs and challenges of teachers and students by providing better educational outcomes.