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Decoding mobile learning (m-Learning) for teachers


Mit Kotecha


July 23, 2020
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The internet revolution happened in the 60s and 70s. Thus, mobiles took off as a device used by the crème de la crème of the society. A mobile phone did not come cheap back then and cost a fortune.

It was not until 2007 that Apple developed the smartphone as we know it today. A mobile phone was no longer a device solely for text messaging or to only make or receive phone calls. The mobile phone had a new purpose. Mobile phone makers found that the ability to access the internet could be exploited. Hence, a new product came to life which was designed to ease the access to the internet.

That is the story of how India established a mobile phone user base of 448 million. The numbers are expected to rise to a whopping 500 million by 2023.

And now, the mobile phone is used for social networking, finding information and even education. The entire world can now fit into your palm, making lives more comfortable.

What is mobile learning?

Also termed as m-learning or mLearning, mobile learning refers to learning via the internet or internal networks. The mobile learning apps generally require devices like smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. A mobile device is anything which is portable and can be taken anywhere with you.

If you learn more about what is mobile learning, you will come to understand that it is learning content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. M-learning relies heavily on the use of electronic devices and apps that support it. The internet and the smartphone revolution are responsible for the advent of mobile learning.

Benefits of mobile learning in education

Convenient, accessible and flexible 

Mobile learning is rapidly being assimilated with education. M-learning in education is enabling students with the correct tools to make sure that learning never stops for students. They could be in the remotest parts of the country and have access to quality education. All possible with a simple mobile device and an internet connection. That is perhaps the most significant importance of m-learning combined with education. Knowledge is no longer prohibited in a classroom or studies at a specific time. With mobile learning, studying on-the-go is possible as it is available 24×7, 365 days in the year.

There are multiple advantages of mobile learning, but the convenience and flexibility that mobile learning empowers students with are incomparable.

Streamlined online learning 

Many LMS software (Learning Management Systems) have come up in response to mobile learning. Thus, the process of learning is more organized and coherent now. Online exam software like MegaExams has streamlined online test-taking when it comes to mobile learning. MegaExams has made possible online exams which are a big focus for mobile learning. A lot of teachers stress the exam-taking part when going online. MegaExams has solved this problem for them with their comprehensive platform which allows teachers to make an array of different tests, quizzes and exams to aid in m-learning.

Empowers teachers with multimedia tools

The concept can also be applied to educators since mobile learning for teachers is equally important as it is for students. Hence, teachers should use mobile learning to its full potential and make the best use of technology. Mobile learning for teachers can enable them with multimedia tools like videos, graphics and animations that they can use while teaching online. The use of these tools makes learning more exciting and less tedious. Not to mention, students look forward to learning visually and retain much more than they do in a chalk-and-board lesson.

Assists with distance learning 

M-learning has also given rise to ‘distance education’, where students need not relocate to the university/college to pursue their education. They can do it from home or any part of the world with a mobile device and an internet connection as aides. Distance education has become a trend, especially with higher education. It is a much sought-after option among individuals who want to pursue higher education along with work. Distance learning is not only cost-effective, but it also saves a lot of time. Not to mention, you get quality education instantly and on a user-friendly platform.

Immediate feedback

While m-learning is highly engaging and collaborative, it also promotes immediate feedback from the students to the teachers. Students can very easily convey their concerns and problems with mobile learning. Teachers can easily find a way out to solve these problems.

Future of mobile learning

Things from A to Z have gone online. Who thought that we could get groceries with the click of a button? Or adopt a pet that we saw on a screen? That’s what the internet has done for us- taken everything online. It will be safe to say that the future belongs to the internet, and learning would soon shift online.

If you’re still wondering, why m-learning, you should know it is going to become an integral part of the education system. The transformational work to make it more comprehensive is on with new devices, software and platforms specially crafted for mobile learning in education. Reworking and revamping of the existing education technology is going on every day. Educators and experts are constantly trying to make a product which supports learning for all.

MegaExams is committed to making mobile learning accessible to all with their easy-to-use online exam software. Now you can take tests and exams from any corner of the world. All you need is a simple mobile device and an internet connection!