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Case Study / Dams Calicut

Using MegaExams to improve student performance through dynamic exams and personalized coaching


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Why DAMS chose MegaExams

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About DAMS Calicut

DAMS Calicut, the largest NEET-PG training center in north Kerala, has been playing an imperative role in helping medical practitioners achieve their dreams of securing admission to PG medical institutes of their choice, producing several high-rankers in NEET-PG every year. The rigorous, expert-designed course relied heavily on regular and repeated testing of students.

The Problem

High volume of examinations and tests meant immense expenditure of time and effort in creating and evaluating examinations, which left little time for teachers to give individuals specialized feedback

Pen-and-paper exams meant that the process of creating and administering the exams was time-consuming for teachers, prone to errors, expensive, and logistically challenging. Moreover, the results would take as long as an entire week to be released. The teachers also found it quite difficult to provide personalized coaching to the students to help them with better understanding and retention of topics and concepts.

The Solution

MegaExams’ simple, automated testing and evaluation platform with advanced performance analytics

By digitizing their exams, they also enabled students to attempt the exams anytime and anywhere, on the device of their choice, be it PCs, phones, or tablets. The automated test creation and analytical features of the platform allowed teachers to build exams that were more targeted, ensuring that each student is tested to their limits. With the platform’s ability to assess the students’ performance pattern, the teachers were also able to customize tests to help individual students overcome weaknesses and bolster strengths. Also, with MegaExams, test creators were able to create more dynamic exams with image-based questions to test students better.

One of the most important benefits of MegaExams for students is that the interface for tests created on the platform is the same as that of the actual NEET-PG exam. This helped candidates gain more confidence and be better prepared to answer all types of questions that appeared in the NEET-PG question paper. In addition, with answers readily available on the platform, students could easily look up solutions and explanations to difficult questions after giving the test and focus on the topics and concepts they were weak in.

Subsequently, students who used the MegaExams platform to take mock tests, and used features like question time statistics, difficulty levels of questions, topic-wise analysis, etc. were also able to perform much better in subsequent practice tests. By being able to compare their scores against All-India rankings and benchmarks, several students who used the platform for their preparations were able to secure spots in the top 100 in NEET-PG 2018 and NEET-PG 2019.