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Cost efficiency with digital exams


Prasanth Parameswaran


July 22, 2019
Cost Efficiency with Digital Exams

Students across India have been turning to coaching institutions for the last 25 years as a means to crack competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, NEET-UG, NEET-PG, and UPSC and jumpstart their career with seats at India’s best colleges. For lakhs of students, these institutions are their main means of realising their aspiration of becoming India’s next batch of engineers, doctors, and civil servants.

The educators in these institutes use their knowledge and experience to help students improve their performance in competitive exams, but the process is time and cost-intensive. Take Fortune IAS Academy, Trivandrum – one of Kerala’s premier UPSC training institutes, with an enviable track record of helping 80 of their students become IAS officers in just 4 years of operations.

The Problem – Operational Efficiency

Fortune IAS Academy started using MegaExams in 2017, and you can read more about how they were able to reduce the time and effort involved in conducting such exams using our platform. The other problem they faced was one of cost. Practice UPSC preliminary exams require students to use an average of 10 pages each, including worksheets. This means that if 50 students are giving an exam, at least 500 sheets of paper will end up being used. The costs more than double when taking into account printing and the costs of data entry and tracking results. As a consequence, Fortune IAS used to conduct academy-wide tests only once a month.

The Solution – Digital Exams

With MegaExams, Fortune IAS Academy can now conduct more than 30 exams every month, because the time, effort, and cost involved have become minimal. Exam creation takes only a few minutes and allows teachers to select topics, choose a difficulty level, and assign to whomever they want with just a few clicks. The results and feedback are also automated, ensuring that students get the guidance they need right after the exam is over, not after several days. This ensured that the exam creation and evaluation were instant, error-free, and effective.

MegaExams also enabled Fortune IAS Academy to bring the paper and printing costs of examinations down to zero, as digital exams didn’t require the use of either. The platform also reduced data entry costs and automatically logged and tracked student performance, making analysis easier and more effective. The platform also enabled both students and professors to identify strengths and weaknesses, benchmarking their results and performance against class and national toppers.

With the increase in the frequency of testing and faster results with digital exams, students have been able to achieve clarity over their weaknesses and subsequently improve aggressively. This has given significant results to Fortune IAS Academy at a substantially lower cost.

Mr. Muni Darshan V.G., Academic Director at Fortune IAS Academy, says, “Until the last two years, conducting and evaluating exams offline drained crucial resources that could be used to enhance teaching support to students. With MegaExams’s online examination platform, we were able to completely transform how the institute approached testing and assessment while reducing costs and saving around 1000 hours in planning, creating, and evaluating exams in a year.”

In addition to operational and cost efficiency, conducting online exams using a reliable and holistic online exam software has several benefits. Teachers can have access to granular analyses for each student, students can get a lot of personalized attention, etc. Read more about the benefits here