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Using MegaExams

CAT: Strengthening students’ problem-solving skills


Prasanth Parameswaran


September 30, 2019
megaexams empowers teachers and institutes to help students crack competitive exams like cat

CAT (Common Entrance Test) is an annual examination conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) to select candidates for admission to their campuses across India. Besides the IIMs, the test also determines admissions to other leading management institutes such as SPJIMR, Mumbai, FMS, New Delhi, and XIM, Bhubaneshwar, among others. Candidates for these exams have to compete against some of the brightest minds in the country while balancing their undergraduate studies or professional obligations. The few hundred candidates who make it to the coveted IIMs (A,B,C,L) are capable of solving problems faster and more accurately than the rest to score well in an exam attempted by lakhs of students.

CAT is an application-based exam which tests the candidates’ comprehension of fundamental concepts of Mathematics and the English language. Students need to focus on strengthening their existing knowledge of these subjects, and use it to solve complex problems. To help students crack the exam, coaching institutes work towards providing students with the conceptual clarity they need. The best way to help students understand these concepts effectively and crack such questions is through practice, rather than classroom lessons. Unfortunately, drafting, scheduling, and conducting tests for large batches and correcting them manually can be logistically difficult for them. Institutes can free up teacher time and improve student performance through the use of digital examination platforms such as MegaExams.

MegaExams saves teachers time and institutes money by leveraging questions from top experts across the country to automate exam creation and evaluation. Students can be enabled to perform better when they are tested more often, get more practice, and get more targeted insights into what they can do to improve. 

Improve quant and DI/LR scores through multiple tests

Extensive practice is the key to cracking an examination like CAT, which tests candidates more on the application of concepts rather than their memory. Many candidates cite the quant and DI/LR subjects as the toughest sections to crack in CAT. With MegeExams’ automated test creation and evaluation capabilities, teachers can ensure that students are able to effectively master these sections by providing them dedicated teaching support at each stage. 

The platform empowers teachers to test more often without occupying too much of their time, and also offers deeper insights into student performance. After a test has been submitted by the candidates, teachers can access the performance report for the batch or even pull up an individual student’s report from the MegaExams dashboard. The report details how a student or the batch as a whole performed in each section, including the marks obtained and the time they spent on each question. During CAT, candidates must complete each section within a specific amount of time. The reports can, therefore, help teachers improve students’ scores and timing for critical sections such as Quant and DI/LR by getting them to practice those questions or sections more where they are lagging behind. 

Teachers can help students improve their reasoning and interpretive skills by creating customised tests for them that target their conceptual weaknesses. MegaExams allows them to track performance across tests iteratively, enabling them to measure the student’s progress and to structure their interventions based on what is working and what isn’t. The dashboard also allows students to track their own performance, allowing them to guide their own preparation and practice to boost their performance as efficiently as possible. 

Boosting students’ confidence with a simulated CAT experience

The MegaExams platform offers a question bank comprising a large number of exam-specific questions sourced from top educators, authors, institutes, and past examinations. This enables teachers to avoid going through multiple books and scanning older question papers to build tests that are true to the CAT pattern. The tests created on MegaExams follow the latest trends to provide students an authentic simulated experience of attempting the exam. Each test is designed in a way to assess the candidates to the fullest of their abilities and evaluated in such a manner as to identify the minutest gaps in their preparation.

Further, teachers can compare the performance of their students against that of top rank-holders in CAT over the years. This provides them an accurate idea of where students stand competitively for the examination, enabling them to guide them to prepare better. MegaExams works as a comprehensive exam management solution that empowers teachers and institutions to monitor and evaluate student performance, while also giving them the capacity to provide personalised attention that helps students do better in competitive exams like CAT.