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Best Open Source Online Exam Software List: Merits and Demerits


Mit Kotecha


November 3, 2020
Best Open Source Online Exam Software List: Merits and Demerits

The traditional way of teaching in a classroom is slowly fading away. And, online learning is coming into the forefront of education, this year. In 2020, the pandemic has made physical teaching and exams a distant possibility. Many teachers are trying to keep up with this online shift. They are using free online platforms to conduct their classes smoothly. And, using messaging platforms to communicate with their students. However, these platforms are not as well equipped to deal with exams as they are for online classes.

There has been a rise in the demand for technology in the education sector. There is an unavoidable need for the same as well. Using an online exam software to conduct tests makes the exam process simple and smooth. There is almost no human intervention. And, anyone even without any know-how about technology can use these platforms. These platforms are robust and flexible. Teachers can set various types of questions including MCQ and subjective questions. Such platforms also provide a secure online setup for both the students and teachers. It is also quite efficient in making the classes and exams run without any faults. It also makes the evaluation process mobile and convenient for the teachers. However, a lot of these platforms come with no additional features and an exorbitant fee as well.

There is a variety of free online exam software that you can use to ensure a smooth exam process. These platforms are accessible and open-source. A few of such online exam software are listed below:

Speed Exam:

Speed Exam is one of the most popular online exam software available in the market today. This platform is used by teachers in over 120 countries to conduct various types of exams. Speed Exams has a built-in exam monitor to prevent cheating and snooping. It is technologically advanced and supports custom themes. Speed Exam is popular because it comes with a free account option. You can conduct only 50 tests per month using this account. However, there are a few demerits to this platform as well. For instance, you do not get the result and report generation tools in the free account when using Speed Exam.


GoConqr is one of the easiest online exam software that is available in the market today. It is the best ‘quiz maker’ software on the internet. It helps teachers create tests as per their convenience. Additionally, you can also access similar tests created by others on the platform. You can also copy the online tests into an offline format. This offline test can be then printed and attempted like a pen and paper exam. GoConqr acts as an offline exam maker. It also allows students to study on the software without being connected to the internet. It is a social learning app with a wide range of courses, tools, study material and practice questions. However, GoConqr is not meant for online exams. There is no dedicated platform for teachers to set questions online. The online exams on GoConqr cannot be monitored either. No tracking or reporting is possible.


MegaExams is a teacher friendly online exam software. It is open sourced for teachers and anyone can use the platform with only a little know-how of the internet. This platform allows both online and offline exams. You can create both MCQ tests as well as subjective tests on the platform or mix it up as you may like. Students can attempt the practice tests on the platform by selecting any topic/subtopic they are weak in. And, avail the benefits of the vast expanse of the study resources and question papers. Teachers can opt to use the questions from the question bank to create practice tests as well. The major positive about MegaExams is the fact that it allows quick result processing and reporting features. Teachers can check the answers from anywhere they want to just by logging in to the platform. Students can choose to answer subjective tests on paper and scan the answers in a PDF or Word format using the platform to record their answers as well. The student reports are very detailed and come with deep analysis of the student’s performance. The strong and weak areas are highlighted in the report for the teachers to keep a track of each and every student. MegaExams offers their exam services for free with all the listed features. However, you can also choose to upgrade based on the number of students and avail additional benefits on the platform.

Help Teaching:

Help Teaching a free online exam website that allows teachers to create tests in various subjects. This platform is mainly for school level exams. There is a comprehensive collection of ELA aligned worksheets. And, an option to print the test offline. This is highly beneficial for subjective tests and math. This online exam website also allows students to take online practice tests in a few subjects. However, there is only a limited number of questions and exam types available on Help Teaching. There is no way to create a reporting system. Hence, tracking the student’s progress is not possible. The platform itself is not very user friendly and requires tech insight.

Google Forms:

Google Forms is a universal web application that has multiple uses. Traditionally, Google Forms was used to create submissions and take surveys. With the rapid shift to online education, Google Forms is now also being used as an online exam software. You can easily type in questions and create exams using this platform. You can add both MCQ type and subjective type questions. And, also record the final answers in a worksheet online. This is one of the most easy to use test software available in the market today. However, Google Forms is not a dedicated online exam software. It does not cater to solving the problems of online exams in any manner. For example, there is no way to track the student’s progress nor securely monitor the test at large. Students can cheat in such exams quite easily. And, teachers lose almost all their autonomy. Although Google Forms can be used for both MCQ and subjective type questions, students can google the answers and copy paste them in the answer boxes. This is one of the major issues with such exams. With the online shift of the education sector during this pandemic, conducting online exams are becoming a major issue. To make this online exam process simple and smooth, several online exam softwares are there for you to choose from. However, most of these websites have a few disadvantages along with their vast array of advantages. If you want to conduct an exam during this time, when going to a physical classroom is not possible, it is recommended that you use an online exam software to do so.