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Anatomy by
Dr. Ashwani Kumar

Anatomy app containing video lectures and questions by India's top Anatomy professor, Dr. Ashwani Kumar. Ideal for NEET PG, AIIMS PG, JIPMER PG Anatomy sections.

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Anatomy topics covered

Unit 1 Head, Neck and Face
  1. Introduction
  2. Cranial nerve nuclei and columns
  3. III, IV & VI Nerves
  4. V nerve & Parasympathetic ganglion
  5. VII nerve and applied anatomy
  6. IX, X & XI nerves
  7. Deep Cervical Fascia
  8. Duramater & Dural venous sinus
  9. TMJ & muscles of mastication
  10. Blood vessels & Scalenus anterior relations
  11. Pharynx
  12. Larynx
  13. Posterior triangle of the neck
  14. Anterior triangle of the neck
  15. Osteology (cranial cavity)
Unit 2 Neuroanatomy
  1. General Neuroanatomy
  2. Spinal cord (external features and grey matter)
  3. Ascending tracts
  4. Descending Tracts
  5. Brainstem (external features) and IV ventricle
  6. Auditory, Trigeminothalamic pathways and MLF
  7. Brainstem syndrome
  8. Cerebellum
  9. Cerebral cortex (Areas)
  10. Cerebrum (Homunculus and histology)
  11. White matter of cerebrum - 1
  12. White matter of cerebrum - 2
  13. Lateral and third ventricles
  14. Thalamus and connections
  15. Basal Ganglia
Unit 3 Thorax
  1. Thoracic Wall
  2. Pleura and Lungs
  3. Pericardium and Heart
  4. Blood Supply of Heart
  5. Cardiac Plexus, Thoracic Duct, Posterior Mediastinum
Unit 4 Upper Limb
  1. Muscles of Upper Limb
  2. Blood Vessels
  3. CPF, Axilla and Branchial Plexus
  4. Scapular Spaces, Cubital Fossa, Snuff Box & Retinaculums
  5. Hand Muscles
  6. Spaces in Hands
  7. Radial Nerve
  8. Median Nerve
Unit 5 Lower Limb
  1. Fascia Lata and Lumbar Plexus
  2. Anterior Compartment of Thigh
  3. Medial Compartment of Thigh
  4. Gluteal Region and Back of Thigh
  5. Popliteal fossa and Intraartricular Structures
  6. Muscles of the leg
  7. Sole of Foot, Arches of Foot and Ligaments of Ankle
  8. Sciatic Nerve and Great Saphenous Vein
Unit 6 General Embryology
  1. Gametogenesis
  2. Fertilization and Implantation
  3. 2nd and 3rd week
  4. Somites and Lateral Plate Mesoderm
Unit 7 Systemic Embryology
  1. Pharyngeal Arches
  2. Face and Palate
  3. Tongue, Thyroid and Eyeball
  4. Foregut
  5. Midgut
  6. Hindgut and Urogenital System
  7. Heart Tube and Venous System Development
  8. Arterial System Development
  9. Interatrial and Interventricular Septum and Development of Diaphragm
Unit 8 Abdomen and Pelvis
  1. Abdominal Wall 1 (Landmarks, Inguinal Ligament And Inguinal Canal)
  2. Abdominal Wall 2 (Rectum Sheath And Thoracolumbar Fascia)
  3. Spermatic Cord And Layers Of Scrotum
  4. Aorta, Coeliac Trunk, Superior Mesenteric And Inferior Mesenteric Artery
  5. Portal Vein And Portocaval Anastomosis
  6. Liver And Hepatic Segmentation
Unit 9 Perineum
  1. Perinium 1 - Pelvic Diaphragm and Perineal Pouches
  2. Perineum 2 - Ischiorectal Fossa
Unit 10 General Anatomy
  1. Types of Bones, Types of Epiphysis and Blood Supply of Long Bone
  2. Types of Joints
  3. Vertebrae
Unit 11 Histology
  1. Lining Epithelium
  2. Collagen Fibres, Junctional Complexes, Muscles and Cartilage
  3. Lymphoid System
  4. Endocrine - Adenohypophysis, Thyroid Gland and Pancreas
  5. Specialised Epithelium - Retina and Tongue
  6. Gastrointestinal Tract
  7. Respiratory System
  8. Genitourinary System

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NEET PG 2019 Anatomy Student Thushar

I secured 1849 rank for NEET PG, a great leap from 41,000 last year. I'm very thankful to Ashwani sir and his awesome anatomy lectures and guidance. You are truly an amazing mentor. I just followed your suggestions and I was able to get this great rank. Thank you very much sir.
Tushar Madhogaria, India

NEET PG 2020 Anatomy Student Aqib

After buying Dr Ashwani Kumar anatomy I can solve anatomy MCQs very easily. Before this, for preparation I had to go to Lahore. But after taking these lectures, there's no need to go there and spend a lot of time here travelling. Thank you sir for making this app. This is blessing for us students in Pakistan.
Aqib Rashid, Pakistan

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Once you download the app and purchase the premium pack, you will get access to top quality video lectures, tests, reference images and access to create personalised tests (coming soon)
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You can download the app free of cost and watch selected videos for free. The full version anatomy app will cost you Rs. 3500 + transaction charges. For international students, the charge will be roughly USD 50.
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You can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Appstore. After this, you need to register on the app and then purchase the package of your choice.
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Your available viewing time will be three times the total duration of the video. The total duration for all the videos in this app is 50 hours, so your viewing time will be three times i.e. 150 hours. This means each video can be watched approximately thrice. However, you may choose to watch one video for 5 times and even skip other videos. After you consume all the view time, you will not be permitted to watch more videos. You can track your view time usage from the menu in the app.
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Yes, you can download and keep upto 5 videos in the app at a time. The watch time for downloaded videos will be added to your overall watch time.
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You can watch the video in three qualities - 720p, 480p and 360p. You can also jump the videos 10 seconds forward and backward to save bandwidth.
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You can attempt every practice exam for a maximum of three times.
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The app requires Android 5.5 and above, or iOS 12 and above to work properly.
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You can login to unlimited number of devices to watch the videos and write the exam. However, keep in mind that if you do not log out from any device and your account is used for any unethical and illegal activities, you will be held liable. For security reasons, we strongly recommend you to use only one device.
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There is a references section in the app that gives you access to all the images used in the explanation. Dr. Ashwani Kumar will be providing handwritten notes separately in the form of a booklet that can be purchased, after it launches. Further details will be updated here once it is available.