Anatomy for NEET PG: Using apps to crack the toughest subject


Prasanth Parameswaran


September 9, 2019

Anatomy is an important subject for PG medical entrance examinations, but mastering it can be a challenge due to its vast syllabus. This makes efficient preparation difficult as students are expected to understand concepts and retain a large amount of information in a short time. Today, students are using apps that allow them to prepare more efficiently through video lectures and digital exams, anytime and anywhere. 

Dr. Ashwani Kumar, a noted educator with 7+ years of experience teaching PG medical aspirants, was often asked by students online for videos of his lectures since they lived in another city. MegaExams worked with Dr. Kumar to merge videos of his lectures with useful visual aids to create a video library of content on anatomy for NEET PG. This library was integrated into an app that could be accessed by students across the country and help them crack anatomy for NEET PG. 

Anatomy for NEET PG: Mobile apps enable smarter preparation

Surabhi Jayachandran felt that no anatomy textbook was able to give her the level of preparation she needed to crack the subject for NEET PG. Dr. Ashwani Kumar’s video lectures, along with the schematic diagrams he used, helped her strengthen her concepts and understanding of complex topics. This led her to rely less on textual material to prepare the subject, and instead use more of the visual references and diagrams provided by Dr. Ashwani Kumar, to retain concepts better.

A mobile learning app can be a valuable source for students to learn and prepare for examinations. Mobile apps give individuals complete control of their learning path and allow them to work on their strengths and weaknesses for better outcomes. A major benefit of using a mobile app for exam preparation is the diversity of content, such as video lectures, which can eliminate the barrier of time and geography for students to create a more self-paced learning experience. This means that they can also revisit specific topics or concepts to understand and retain them better over a period of time.

Offline lectures and conventional teaching methods limit a student’s ability to build a strong foundational knowledge of important topics and concepts. With the level of engagement, customisation, and feedback that mobile learning apps deliver, both students and teachers stand to benefit and make their respective tasks much easier and efficient.