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Using MegaExams

Advantages of app-based learning


Mit Kotecha


November 4, 2019
MegaExams helps teachers build learning apps that enable them to personalise their attention to students and improve learning outcomes

The smartphones that are making their way into the hands of students across the country represent an incredible opportunity for talented teachers. They are no longer limited by their location or the size of classrooms and can now reach thousands of students wherever they are. App-based learning improves learning outcomes, allows educators to reach students more effectively, and empowers students to guide their own learning to suit their own needs.

App-based learning makes teachers more effective

Substantial research has gone into the impact and benefits of digital learning tools for students and in improving learning outcomes, but a less-explored aspect of digital education is the benefits it offers to teachers. 

Reach students everywhere

App-based learning helps teachers overcome the biggest limiting factors of Indian education today – geography and numbers. There are thousands of students looking for guidance with board exams or competitive entrances in different places across the country. App-based learning enables teachers to transcend the classroom and use video lectures to reach students wherever they are. MegaExams has been a proud partner for professors choosing to use the internet to help students access learning from wherever they are, such as the renowned Anatomy professor Dr. Ashwani Kumar.

A noted educator with 7+ years of experience teaching PG medical aspirants, Dr. Kumar was often asked by students online for videos of his lectures since they lived in another city. He started uploading videos of his lectures on Facebook and YouTube, which gained a big following. However, this did not allow Dr. Kumar to engage with students more holistically, provide them practice questions, or to clear their doubts. He worked with MegaExams to build an app ‘Anatomy by Dr. Ashwani Kumar’ as a single repository for video lectures on the complete Anatomy syllabus for PG medical entrances. The app, which has now been installed by tens of thousands of students has helped several medical aspirants crack NEET PG and other PG examinations. 

Exam creation, automated

One of the most time-consuming and least-rewarding jobs of a teacher is writing and correcting practice examinations. App-based learning using MegaExams allows teachers to automate exam creation and evaluation, giving students the benefit of practice exams without burdening teachers with the effort of correcting several papers. MegaExams relies on its massive question bank of 500k+ questions sourced from top teachers across India, and also allows teachers to enter their own questions if they want. Using the internet and app-based learning also allows teachers to set and conduct examinations remotely.

In addition to saving teachers substantial time and money, it also allows them to make their students practice more frequently. Teachers are often limited by the time it takes to write question papers and correct answer sheets and so choose to have practice tests less frequently. App-based learning allows them to test at a much higher frequency, which gives their students more practice, gives them greater insight into how students are progressing and substantially improves educational outcomes for both teachers and students. 

How teachers can use app-based learning

Educators can use app-based learning not just to widen their reach and improve learning outcomes, but also reduce their effort and expense, pay more personalised attention to their students, and track their performance and improvement. The promise of app-based learning is massive, but teachers are reluctant to deal with the unfamiliar world of app development. The thought of creating the videos, material, and engaging with developers to build out a complete app may be daunting. Teachers with years of experience can be let down by poor quality video lectures and glitchy apps.

Teachers should make sure that their experience and expertise are properly translated into video lectures of high quality and an app that helps students learn more effectively. This is where MegaExams can help. We have had experience in the past in helping professors leverage the app-based learning opportunity, and can deliver end-to-end assistance in this regard. If you are a teacher looking to engage a wider audience, save time and effort, and help more students get better scores, please reach out to me at mit@megaexams.com so we can discuss working together.